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The Indigenous Committee of the Australian Region of Narcotics Anonymous has provided an example of an Acknowledgement to Country.  Groups are encouraged to integrate this statement into their meeting format.

Ideally the acknowledgement of Country is read at the start of a meeting to set a tone of respect towards First Nations people.

Acknowledgement of Country is for use by Australian NA groups or at other NA events:

“This group would like to acknowledge and pay respect to the traditional custodians of the land on which we meet.

(optional: The…people of the ….Nation/example: The Wurundjeri and Boonwurrung peoples of the Kulin Nation.) It is upon their ancestral lands that we meet.

We pay respect to knowledge embedded forever within Aboriginal custodianship of country.
We pay respect to their Elders past and present and we pay respect to other Aboriginal people present.”

This information is always available under the Members Menu > Group Resources > Acknowledgement of Country.

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  1. webservant
    webservant says:

    Hi Charmaine,
    Thanks for your question.
    The NA ARSC were unanimously in favor to have the Acknowledgement to Country on our NA website and also to provide a resource to NA groups who wish to include an Acknowledgement to Country at the start of their meetings or NA events. The decision whether or not to to use the resource rests with the individual group consciences of the meetings.
    Both the Acknowledgement to Country on the website and providing the resource for groups are in line with Tradition 6 as we are not endorsing, financing or lending the NA name to any outside organisations.
    They are in line with Tradition 10 as we are not expressing an opinion on any outside issue.
    An Acknowledgement to Country is a respectful protocol, which in the places that we meet, acknowledges First Nations people as long term custodians of country and also acknowledges country itself.
    Other reasons that we considered whilst coming to concensus on this relate to our primary purpose of carrying the message to the addict that still suffers: The NA World Service website prominently shows the NA vision that every addict is able to hear the NA message in keeping with her or his own language and culture. Our Acknowledgement on the website as well as the resource for groups who want to use it may provide a culturally appropriate form of attraction to NA for Indigenous members who are under represented at meetings and who suffer from our disease. It may also help to make members feel more at ease in meetings.
    The Acknowledgement to Country on the website and the resource for groups are there in the spirit of NA Unity.
    Katie N ( Chairperson Indigenous Sub-committee of the ARSC)


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