Information Technology Chair 

Last updated September 2021

Snapshot of position:

Position Description: Information Technology (IT) Chair

The IT Chair position is a critical service position which manages a significant number of NA services centered around the website, meetings lists and phonelines.  These services are interdependent, and a big picture understanding is imperative. Applicants will need motivation, tenacity, time and service ethic to commit to this role.

IT Subcommittee

You will be responsible for coordinating the IT Subcommittee, gathering and setting meeting agendas, delegating and developing support in the Areas to try to develop local capability to lighten the regional load and improve service resilience.  You will need to hold regular Subcommittee meetings and provide minutes to the Regional Secretary.


You will be responsible for maintaining, administering and troubleshooting the Regional WordPress multisite network.  Duties will include logging support calls with plugin and hosting providers when necessary, ensuring support and service payments are up to date.  You will also need to ensure that site security and disaster recovery measures are in place.

You will need to maintain and update website forms to remain currency and ensure that workflows are aligned with services.

The role also entails that you work with the NA Today Chair to provide support publishing NA Today magazine and blog articles and ensuring that subscriptions   You will also be required to publish articles and pages and updates as required by the Australian Regional Service Committee.

Monitor website emails and help facilitate communications at times.

You will be responsible for vetting, amending and publishing NA events submitted on the Submit an NA Event.

Meetings Lists (BMLT – Basic Meetings List Toolbox)

You will need to work with existing meetings list administrators to ensure that data quality, timely updates and good communications are maintained.  It’s ideal that recruitment of additional local meetings lists administrators continues to build capability at local Area level and lighten the burden on central.

Developing familiarity with the BMLT and its ecosystem of applications is critical for NA service delivery in Australia and is of key importance to the position.

You will ensure that printable meetings list publications meet area requirements as requested.

You will be responsible for providing exports of meeting list data to NA World Services to maintain currency of their meetings list database.

Office 365

You will be responsible for the administration of the Office365 E1 tenancy that supports Regional and some Area service bodies.  Duties include, trusted servant onboarding and support, mailbox and distribution list administration, SharePoint/Teams support and training.  Microsoft Support calls where required will fall within your service remit.

Phone Line

All Australian NA Phonelines are centrally managed from a carrier perspective in Twilio.  The phone line provides two critical front-line services for NA Australia:

  1. Call routing to locally coordinated Volunteer groups
  1. Meeting searches by voice or SMS, with search results delivered by SMS

These services are delivered through YAP which manages call routing, volunteer groups and meeting search capabilities.

You will be responsible for YAP maintenance and configuration, providing training and support for local phone line coordinators.

The IT Chair will work with the ARSC Treasurer to ensure that Twilio is funded adequately on a monthly basis to maintain continuity of phone line services. You may also be required to support

Google for Non-Profits

Google Mapping and Geolocation API services for the BMLT apps are leveraged through our Google for Non-Profits grant. This is essentially a set once type service but monitoring will be required periodically to review API call counts.  Developer Console experience is highly desirable.

Google Ad credits grant is available and ready for a future project working with Public Relations Chair to implement.

Web Hosting and Domain Name Services (DNS)

The IT Chair is responsible for managing web hosting and DNS.  This includes ensuring the negotiation and payment of hosting services and Domain Name Renewal. cPanel admin experience would be extremely valuable to the successful applicant.  Storage monitoring at a host level will be required.

Soft Skills

Patience, tenacity, problem solving skills and service acumen are all essential to this role.  Communication skills and a collaborative spirit will serve you and the fellowship well.

Willingness to serve and a powerful dedication to the fellowship are paramount.

Technical writing and Instructional skillsets would be invaluable.

**Transition and Training

It is the intent of the outgoing IT Chair to remain as a member of the IT Subcommittee and provide training, transfer documentation, and give appropriate support to ensure a successful transition.

  • arrange for their Subcommittee vice chair to attend ARSC meetings if they are to be absent. 

**This position is funded for attendance at face-to-face ARSC Meetings (See also Travel policy and procedures).

Clean time requirement – 3 years

If you are interested in nominating for this position please fill in an election nomination form and send it to