ARSC Chairperson

last updated September 2021

Snapshot of position

Is a member of the ARSC Administration Committee and also a member of the RSBoA Management Committee if qualification criteria are met. 

  • chairs the Australian Regional Service Committee (ARSC) Meetings 4 times per annum
  • submits a written report to each ARSC
  • chairs the monthly ARSC Administration Committee meetings
  • chairs the Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the September ARSC each year
  • ARSC Chair has the job of ruling on all matters of procedure, including such decisions as informing speakers that they are not speaking on the matter of the proposal, and refusing proposals where they are inappropriate. This authority is only for procedural matters; the Chair should be impartial in the debate, and generally does not speak for or against proposals
  • oversees preparation and distribution of the ARSC agenda at least one week prior to each ARSC Meeting in conjunction with the Secretary
  • acts as an information resource to the Australian Region
  • co-reviews the ARSC minutes before their distribution
  • ensures that policy and procedures enacted by the ARSC are documented, made available to, and followed by the ARSC
  • is designated to authorise electronic funds transfer from ARSC/RSBoA bank accounts
  • attends Fellowship Service Office (FSO) Board meetings
  • maintains a working relationship with all RCMs and Subcommittee Chairs and their Alternates
  • supports new participants in their understanding of the workings of the ARSC. 
  • willingness to attend Subcommittee meetings. 
  • daily monitoring of the Chair service email
  • excellent verbal and written communication skills are desirable.

**This position is funded for attendance at face-to-face ARSC Meetings (See also Travel policy and procedures).

Clean time requirement – 3 years

If you are interested in nominating for this position please fill in an election nomination form and send it to