ARSC Assistant Treasurer

Last updated May 2023

Snapshot of position:

  • 5 years clean time.
  • Is a member of the Regional Service Body of Australia (RSBoA) Management Committee.
  • Is a member of the Australian Regional Administration Committee.
  • Is willing to serve and give personal time as required for this position.
  • Is a signatory to the ARSC bank account.
  • Is provided with a copy of all Treasury reports including bank statements prior to each ARSC.
  • Attends monthly ARSC Administration Committee meetings.
  • In the absence of the Treasurer, fulfils the duties of the Treasurer.
  • Reports quarterly to the ARSC.
  • Works closely with the Treasurer and assists the Treasurer at the quarterly ARSC (and AGM) and between meetings of the ARSC.
  • Assists in the preparation of the 2-year projected budget including the suggested prudent reserve.
  • Ensures the email address is kept active, by logging in ­an­d sending an email at least once per month.

*This position is funded for attendance at face-to-face ARSC Meetings (See also Travel policy and procedures).

If you are interested in nominating for this position please fill in an election nomination form and send it to