Last updated August 2022

Snapshot of position:

The FSO Pool is the way that candidates for the FSO management committee are selected by the Region. Please read the notes at the front of the FSO Pool nomination form for more information. 

  • Nomination and election procedures are the similar to those for the ARSC election. 
  • NSW Incorporated Association criteria stipulates that that you must not be a ‘disqualified person’. 
  • Skills such as accounting, governance, legal, small business management etc are advantageous. 
  • Previous service on NA committees and a familiarity with the Traditions and Concepts of Service would be a valuable asset.  
  • You must have both commitment and time to invest in NA to fulfil this service role.   

**This is not a funded position to attend ARSC

Clean time requirement – 5 years

Applicants should fill in the FSO Pool nomination form (also found under the ARSC reporting templates) and email it to secretary@na.org.au