Position Description: Information Technology (IT) Coordinator

Last updated May 2023

Snapshot of position:

  • 3 years clean time.
  • Serves a two-year cycle.
  • Reports quarterly to the ARSC.
  • Are considered ARSC participants (in accordance with the Policy and Procedure guidelines).
  • Attends quarterly ARSC meetings (in accordance with the Policy and Procedure guidelines).
  • The handover document will include all ongoing matters, policies and procedures pertaining to the operation of the sub-committee.
  • Ensures that the itcoordinator@na.org.au email address is kept active, by logging in and sending an email at least once per month.

The IT Coordinator position is a critical service position which facilitates communications with and between the IT Subcommittee, service and support administrators and various members of NA ranging from trusted servants of meetings, Areas or Region. While a basic understanding of IT services is helpful, it is not a requirement to fulfill the requirements of this position. Applicants will need motivation, tenacity, strong interpersonal communication skills (written and verbal), time, and service ethic to commit to this role. The IT Coordinator is responsible for liaising with the ARSC Treasurer regarding all licensing and service renewals or purchases.

IT Subcommittee

You will be responsible for coordinating the IT Subcommittee, gathering and setting meeting agendas, delegating and developing support in the Areas to try to develop local capability to lighten the regional load and improve service resilience. You will need to hold regular Subcommittee meetings.


Reporting to ARSC will need to cover all areas of the IT Subcommittee. A specific template for this report is available.

Soft Skills

Patience, tenacity, problem solving skills and service acumen are all essential to this role. Communication skills and a collaborative spirit will serve you and the fellowship well.

Willingness to serve and a powerful dedication to the fellowship are paramount.

An ability to translate technical information to explain things to non-technical people would be invaluable.

Transition and Training

It is the intent of the outgoing IT Coordinator to remain as a member of the IT Subcommittee and provide training, transfer documentation, and give appropriate support to ensure a successful transition.

  • arrange for their Assistant Coordinator to attend ARSC meetings if they are to be absent.

*This position is funded for attendance at face-to-face ARSC Meetings (See also Travel policy and procedures).

If you are interested in nominating for this position please fill in an election nomination form and send it to secretary@na.org.au