Policy Chairperson 

Last updated May 2023

Snapshot of position: 

  • 3 years clean time.
  • Serves a two-year cycle.
  • Reports quarterly to the ARSC.
  • Are considered ARSC participants (in accordance with the Policy and Procedure guidelines).
  • Attends quarterly ARSC meetings (in accordance with the Policy and Procedure guidelines).
  • Arranges for their subcommittee vice chair to attend a quarterly ARSC meetings if they are to be absent.
  • Prepares and schedules regular meetings of the Policy Subcommittee.
  • Invites new members and submits nomination forms to the Secretary, to be heard at the following ARSC Meeting.
  • Delegates tasks to Subcommittee members by agreement.
  • Maintains and updates ARSC Policy and Procedures documentation to reflect current practice and according to the group conscience of the ARSC, including making changes according to motions passed and recorded in the ARSC Meeting minutes.
  • Liaises with ARSC participants and ARSC Admin members on matters of policy, procedure, and guidelines.
  • Submits a draft with any and all changes to documentation to the Secretary for distribution to all ARSC participants at least 21 days before a forthcoming ARSC Meeting. This draft can be discussed at the ARSC Meeting, and unless there are objections it is passed following the Meeting. A list of changes made is submitted with the draft, making it easy for people reading to understand.
  • Make policy, procedure, and guidelines accessible and easy to follow for all ARSC members, as much as possible to ensure that documentation is edited and formatted consistently.
  • Ability to acquire a working knowledge of the policies. 
  • Prepares a handover document for the incoming chair prior to leaving their position.
  • The handover document will include all ongoing matters, policies and procedures pertaining to the operation of the sub-committee.
  • Ensures that the policy@na.org.au email address is kept active, by logging in and sending an email at least once per month.

*This position is funded for attendance at face-to-face ARSC Meetings (See also Travel policy and procedures). 

If you are interested in nominating for this position, please fill in an election nomination form and send it to secretary@na.org.au