Public Relations Vice Chairperson

Last updated September 2021

 Snapshot of position:

  • gain a working knowledge and comprehension of NAWS PR Handbook and the 12 Traditions of NA
  • have served on a PR Subcommittee at either Area or Regional level is highly desirable
  • assist the Chairperson with Subcommittee meetings
  • possibly attend any presentation/event with the Chairperson (especially in a virtual platform), or if the Chairperson is unavailable.
  • after a period of learning, the Vice Chair may be assigned the task of monitoring the service email, or to read response to emails as cc’d by the Chair; this would afford the Vice Chair an opportunity to observe the type of requests that come into the account and to view appropriate responses
  • willingness to acquire the skills and attributes contained within the Chair role snapshot
  • are requested to make themselves available to attend ARSC meetings should their Subcommittee chairperson be unavailable. 

**Are not normally funded to attend ARSC meetings.

Clean time requirement – 2 years

If you are interested in nominating for this position please fill in an election nomination form and send it to