Strategic Planning Chairperson 

Last updated May 2023


The primary function of Strategic Planning in the Australian Region is to help facilitate a goal-based service body that prioritises our limited resources, both financial and human, to best serve the fellowship of the Australian Region.

When we plan, we are able to grow and change to meet the needs of our fellowship. If we want to continue to reach addicts with our message, we need to be flexible and willing to move forward on a path of planning. All our service efforts should be motivated by the desire to better carry our message to the still-suffering addict, and completing a strategic plan assists the service body in prioritising our limited resources to ensure that we are meeting the needs of the still-suffering addict as best we can.

Planning for NA services asks us to think ahead, take time to prepare, and develop action plans to reach identified goals. Opportunities for planning begin with the identification of issues that affect our ability to provide consistently effective services. As a Region we commit to deliver more effective service through planning. We commit to gathering ideas, prioritising issues, developing goals and action plans and monitoring and evaluating our efforts.

Strategic Planning Subcommittee Responsibilities

  • Strategic Planning sessions are the focus of the first ARSC meeting after elections take place. SP will conduct the session workshops to enable the ARSC members to participate in shaping the strategic plan for that 2-year ARSC cycle. It is highly suggested that Planning Basics be used to inform the SP sessions.
  • Following the workshop sessions on the Saturday, SP will present a Strategic Plan for approval on Sunday.
  • SP will work closely with the Regional Delegate and Alternate Delegate in planning and facilitating the SP sessions.
  • SP will work with other Regional Subcommittees throughout the cycle to monitor the progress of Subcommittees completing the objectives assigned to them.
  • SP will assist other Subcommittees to identify barrier that are preventing them from completing the objectives assigned to them and assist in sourcing solutions to overcome these barriers.
  • Strategic Planning recap session is the focus of the last ARSC meeting prior to elections taking place. SP will conduct these review sessions highlighting the successes of achieved objectives, identifying any barriers that prevented objectives being fulfilled and assisting the ARSC body to determine items that should be carried over to the next 2-year cycle.
  • SP should be available to assist Area’s wishing to conduct planning sessions.

Snapshot of the Position

  • 3 years clean time.
  • Serves a two-year cycle.
  • Reports quarterly to the ARSC.
  • Are considered ARSC participants (in accordance with the Policy and Procedure guidelines).
  • Attends quarterly ARSC meetings (in accordance with the Policy and Procedure guidelines).
  • Arranges for their subcommittee vice chair to attend a quarterly ARSC meetings if they are to be absent.
  • Experience with Regional, Area and LSC Planning is desirable.
  • The SP Chair shall arrange and facilitate monthly Subcommittee Meetings at a date and time to be determined by all Subcommittee members.
  • The Strategic Planning Chair will present a recap session as the focus of the last ARSC meeting prior to elections taking place.
  • Computer skills, written and verbal communication skills are highly desirable
  • Prepares a handover document for the incoming chair prior to leaving their position.
  • The handover document will include all ongoing matters, policies and procedures pertaining to the operation of the sub-committee.
  • Ensures that the email address is kept active, by logging in and sending an email at least once per month.

*This position is funded for attendance at face-to-face ARSC Meetings (See also Travel policy and procedures).

If you are interested in nominating for this position please fill in an election nomination form and send it to