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Positions Vacant on the Australian Regional Service Committee (ARSC)

In June 2021, the majority of service positions on the Australian Regional Service Committee become vacant, providing an opportunity for NA members to serve the Australian Fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous at a Regional level. We invite all interested NA members to view the Positions Vacant page on the NA website. If you would like to […]

Incorporation and Bequests – News from the Region

NA at a Regional level now has formal legal status as both an Incorporated Association and as a Charity. Read all about our new legal status here… As a result of becoming a legal entity and a charity, it is now possible for members to express their gratitude to the fellowship which gave them a […]

Positions Vacant and Sponsorship Expression of Interest

Dear Fellowship we are in dire need of trusted servants at the Australian Regional Service Committee.  Please check out the Positions Vacant page and put in a nomination.  Service keeps you clean! 🙂 The Outreach subcommittee has developed a great new initiative with a Sponsorship Expression of Interest.  Those willing to sponsor can get matched […]

2018 Members Survey

The data represented in this 2018 Member’s survey is a subset of a larger dataset from the 2018 NA World Services (NAWS) member survey. This information is taken from respondents who identified as being from Australia.  The NAWS survey can be viewed here.