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New NA Today March 2020: Service

We are all looking to find ways to keep busy inside at the moment. So, kick back and get your spiritual fill with the latest offering from NA Today about service!                                                 […]

12 Step Recovery-NA Today Needs Your Help!

NA offers 12 step recovery from drug addiction. Our fellowship produces a magazine called NA Today in the hopes to promote unity and help spread our message: that an addict, any addict, can get clean and stay clean from drugs, through the NA fellowship. Recent and back issues of NA Today are available on this […]

Anyone can get clean from drugs: NA

The disease of addiction is indiscriminate.  Addicts come from all walks of lives. What we share is our inability to stop using drugs. The message of NA is that an addict, any addict, can get clean from drugs, and stay clean from drugs. This story, reprinted from the November issue of NA Today, tells the […]

Ways of working steps. NA Today Nov.

Narcotics Anonymous offers freedom from drug addiction. Our message is that any addict can get clean from drugs and stay clean. Narcotics anonymous is a 12 step fellowship operating in Australia. We have 100’s of meetings where addicts can come to get clean all over the country. This edition explores the experience of our members […]