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Positions Vacant – Australian Regional Service Committee

The following positions (along with their clean time) are becoming available on the Australian Regional Service Committee (ARSC) of NA.
Elections will take place on 21 July 2019. If you would like to apply please refer to the link to the nomination form below.
RD (Regional Delegate) – 6 Years (there is to be a confirmation vote of current AD). If this fails the member applying must have served at Region at least 1 of the previous 3 years as a ARSC participant.
AD (Alternate Delegate) – 4 Years (AD must have served 1 of the last 3 years at the ARSC).
Chair – 3 Years
Vice Chair – 2 Years
Secretary – 2 Years
Assistant Secretary – 2 Years
Treasurer – 5 Years
Assistant Treasurer – 5 Years
Regional Sub Committee Chairs and Vice Chairs – Indigenous, IT, Na Today, Outreach, Policy, Public Relations – 3 Years (Outreach is 5 years).
Policy Subcommittee Members are also to be elected in.

If you have questions or would like to nominate please email secretary@na.org.au

Virtual NA

NA Meetings Online & by Phone

A new website has been developed focussing on virtual meetings.

The new site brings together virtual NA meetings from around the world providing a meeting services to remote or isolated addicts from around the world. Virtual meetings are proving to be a viable alternative for addicts who may be unable to attend local face to face meetings.

Five languages are represented in virtual meetings: English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. Times are always shown in visitor’s local time zones,  so it’s easy to plan attendance.

For more information go to https://virtual-na.org/

NA Today looking for contributors and agents!

Hello Dear Subscribers and Readers!

NA Today seeks to truly represent the Australian Region of Narcotics Anonymous. As such, we seek contributions from every area in Australia. We would love to hear from you.

Our next issue is on the growth of online recovery and we’d love to hear how that forum has helped members, but you don’t have to write on that theme if you can’t relate. We’re looking for any form of experience, strength, and hope.

One of the articles I wrote awhile ago was about my first 30 days in recovery, and we would love to hear from newcomers about this experience. I try to get my sponsees to write a similar article. Everyone who I ever gotten to write any article has said what an edifying experience it has been for their recovery. Articles can be maximum 1000 words, but any size is ok, even a few sentences.  Also, if you are artistically inclined, and like to draw, write poetry or song lyrics, or paint, (or anything we haven’t thought of that we can reproduce), send us what you’ve got.

Finally, we’re always looking for people to do some service on behalf of the mag as an NA Agent, who represents the mag in their area and solicit content. For more info, or to submit, email natoday@na.org.au

Yours in Loving Service,

Heath W (NA Today Chair).