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  1. stephenwhale84
    stephenwhale84 says:

    Online meetings for country people, the disabled and anyone who for whatever reason may struggle to attend face to face meetings

    Some of you might have tried the marathon meetings on virtual-org.na
    I find certain ones great and it is matter of tuning in at the start of an hour to see if a guest speaker is on. These are allowed to speak for 30 minutes and sometimes they have a long period of sobriety .
    ( Often at least 5 years)
    If you haven’t tried…
    This link will take you straight to the zoom meetings – marathon meetings are generally 24/7 – though the NZ marathon tends to run until 8 or 9pm.
    The zoom app is very easy to use once you have downloaded it. Your local computer or mobile phone shop may assist you in setting it up if you need a hand.
    It’s available for all phones and tablets, laptops and personal computers.(PC’s)

    Steve W.
    Atherton, Brisbane , Canberra…
    Currently a travelling nomad addict.
    20 years and 4 months clean

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