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February 2018 Greater Queensland Service Board
email procedure



This document attempts to out line the function of the Greater Queensland Service Board email communication via a central email address.


The first thing to say is that marrying the technology available to the philosophical requirements outlined by the board was not a seamless operation. What has been arrived at is not the perfect solution, as I would see it. Familiarity with the system, fresh perspectives and time may yield superior procedures. For now, however we have a system that appears to meet the primary requirements outlined by the Greater Queensland Service Board.

Which were

  1. Greater Queensland Service Board have a central email address
  2. That emails sent to this address are automatically forwarded to the ‘regular emails’ of all board members
  3. That the Greater Queensland Service Board has the ability to reply to such emails sent to the ‘official email address’ from that ‘official email address’


Further discussions may be needed in relation to answering emails that have been sent to the boards ‘official email address’


I would urge prudence around emails; they may have come through this ‘official email address’ from a non board member. If ‘replying to all’ you may be replying to the person who sent the email as well as the board. May I suggest comments you intend to be seen by the board might not be how you wish the boards’ official reply to be worded; perhaps if we need to discuss an email we start with a fresh email thread to other board members.


Our email address is

Emails sent to this address have been set up to be automatically sent to the email addresses supplied in the board contact list that is stored in drop box.


If you are not inclined, technologically speaking, that is probably all you need to know.


At some time in the future board members will need to make alterations to the system and will therefore need to

  • How the system is set up
  • How to access various parts of the system


So an overview of the set up, an explanation for the set up and access to login and passwords is included.


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