Letter to Corrections… NB: needs to be on NA letterhead.


To Whom It May Concern:

NA is a fellowship of men and women who meet regularly to help each other stay clean. We are a global fellowship based on total abstinence from all drugs including alcohol. We have regularly scheduled meetings in most communities in accessible locations. That is where “The therapeutic value of one addict helping another addict” begins to take place.


We carry a message that it is possible to lead a life free from active addiction.

Our program is based on 12 steps and 12 traditions that offer an opportunity to each individual to improve their quality of life, both inside the facility and outside after release.

NA is not a benevolent society. We are not amateur social workers. We do not counsel or educate staff or residents.

We do not provide jobs, housing, money, or letters of reference to judicial systems.


We only carry the message of freedom from active addiction.


We have a service body that helps run H&I meetings inside correctional facilities and treatment centers. (Hospitals and Institutions).

NA’s H&I presentations have sufficient flexibility to be appropriate for any setting.


We can provide the facility with all the necessary literature and banners for running the meetings.

We will adhere to the facility’s rules and all reasonable requests from staff.


After attending meetings within the facility, many inmates do continue to attend meetings in the community after release. Thereby receiving the benefits of recovery from active addiction.


Yours truly,


Greater Queensland Service Board Narcotics Anonymous.




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