Brisbane Inner City GSF Minutes

GSF Name: Brisbane Inner City

GSF Delegate Name and Contact Details: Mikhala

GSF Meeting Day and Time: Sunday 25 Nov. 18, 1.30pm-3.30pm

GSF Meeting Location: Lower Bowen Tce, New Farm


Opened with moment of silence, serenity prayer in the plural, read around the room the ‘purpose of gsf’.


Group Names, Days, Times, Contacts:

Sunday 4.30pm Spiritual Concepts, New Farm (Facilitated the GSF)

  • Mandy
  • Natasha
  • Hayley
  • Melissa

General members of NA inner city with no home group

  • Kandis
  • Bek

Saturday 8.45am New Farm

  • Natan
  • Melissa
  • Reza

Tuesday 6.30pm Steps and Traditions, Spring Hill

  • Ben A
  • Aaron
  • Ali
  • Mikhala

Wednesday 6.15pm Rainbow Recovery, New Farm

  • Adam

Monday 7.30pm Villiers Street, New Farm

  • Jason

Mon – Fri 12.15pm New Farm Lunchy’s

  • Ben A
  • Brad

Saturday 6.30pm New Farm

  • Sam


Group Report Backs


Sunday Spiritual Concepts

Meeting attendance is good, hosted the GSF, has fund flowed $200 to area, all service positions filled.


Saturday AM

Fund flowing to Area, received bank details. Discussion around using ‘research’ as a synonym for ‘relapse’ and how this can harm those returning from relapse. Implementing an acknowledgement of country.



New treasurer (Ben). 5 secretaries. Working around having so many meetings and how to manage the money.


Saturday PM

Reports 7th received at each meeting and where funds are at. Wants to change service positions regularly to avoid any one person being in charge of the meeting. Every 3 months suggested. Sam is handing over the keys as secretary soon. The meeting needs active home group members. There is a lack of older cleaner members helping out. Members at GSF put their hands up to help open the meeting.


Spring Hill

Ben and Aaron dropping meetings lists around local area. Group is deciding to move venue due to increased attendance. Has fund flowed to area. Moved to 6.30pm start time, now doing traditions every second week. Lots of home group members, group is expanding.



Venue unavailable more often which is an issue, holding it in the Rotunda on these weeks. Needs more home group members. Has strong attendance, lots of new comers but not much older cleaners joining the group.



Fund flowed $200 to area. Rent has been paid. 6 home group members. Discussed making the group a safer space for LGBTIQ+ members who attend. Some members feeling unrepresented with non-lgbtiq attendance. Have reached out to rainbow meetings in other regions for support.


Discussion Topics


New meeting: Farsi Speaking

Farsi speaking addicts who don’t speak English struggle to attend English only meetings and hear the message. Farsi speaking members around 6 men prepared to help start a new meeting. Discussed getting funds to help with literature and rent. Members to contact the board.


New meeting: Early mornings 7-8am

Reza and Ali want to start an early morning meeting in the city Monday and Thursdays 7-8am. Some members discussed how previous early morning meetings have shut, insurance and members to contact board for more info.


Ozcare H& I: Suggestion

Natan asked if we could bring a h&I meeting to the mens shelter in west end. Group discussed this, and directed Natan to speak to the board. Speak to Dave’s that run Hads and Moonyah roster.


Christmas Day Fellowship

Hayley, Brad, Mikhala, Mel to start organising a Christmas day event. Sat AM meeting to help.


Encouraging newcomers to do service

Share that it includes cleaning and packing away chairs, small stuff not just official roles. Thank those that do service, lack of mentoring from OCMs, importance of sponsors to share with sponsee’s the importance of service and what that means. Have a greeter (in Iran, they wear a badge) to welcome people to the meeting. Groups responsibility to encourage service and welcome new comers,


Local Service Conference and Convention

Discussed whether the Inner City was willing to help organise venue and catering for the LSC next year. Hayley, Brad, Natasha, Natan and Mandy put their hands up.


Reza, Ben, Brad, Hayley, Mel, Natasha, Mandy put their hands up to help organise a convention for Brisbane. Concern about whether it will conflict with the Byron convention or Cairns.


Next GSF

Date: Early Jan, 5th or 6th

Host: Rainbow or Villiers St

To be posted on the website once decided

May hold a workshop on how to get and keep home group members

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