1) Recommended all groups / areas keep pushing the NAWS survey for 2018.

2) Vision of service banners, 1m x 1 m cost $17.00 vinyl. Any groups / areas GSF’s want one… I’ll source photos. This is to go back to groups.

3) Spiritual Principal a day book. Which is a NAWS discussion topic, RD facilitated a workshop in which we all participated. It was easy and well received. It’s a pre packed workshop suitable for any sized mob.

4) New Indigenous flyer unveiled.

Indigenous subcommittee working on a new venture in FNQ timing to be close to our convention… lots of ground work to be done still.

5) PHONELINE. Porting is underway(Cairns) as of Monday 19/11 eta 1 week. Should be the last bill we receive (November 2018).

The 1300 number cannot receive sms.

IT has configured so the 1300 line “points to “ the mob no.

To receive texts it needs the new mob no or a 30 cents per call fee is charged. Which will blow our low cost through the roof.

Aus. phone line cost has dropped from $11,760 pa. To $4512 pa. Pretty cool. Region will pick up the tab for the whole phone line. Porting will cost region $6 per month until that number is disconnected or cancelled from the original carrier. So areas are reminded that any savings in their budgets should be fund flowed up to region to assist.

GSF ‘s & areas are reminded to manage their own roster of phone line volunteers with the online forms available on


6) PR is doing a bit … well planning to do a bit anyway. Victoria is looking at using a Google words FB campaign to carry the message. Independently of regional PR.

Vic has been proactive spent 7K on movable billboards in metro and regional locations for a period of time.

PR is requesting a budget of 20K for a national ad campaign of undecided length or type.e.g. An add on trains all over Australia for 1 week will cost approx. 4.5K.

Outreach is looking at proposing a Google words /Facebook targeted campaign nationally esp. in remote areas … this type of campaign can be specifically targeted to any demographic you choose and refine….

Regional PR was allocated 10k taken from the IT budget to see it through till March ARSC 2019.

7)NA Today has a new chair. Heath, he’s interested in information relating to printed hard copy v’s online…. Current thinking is online is the way to go

What do groups think? How fast do printed versions fly off the shelves?

NA today is also asking for more members to submit stories for publication. Next month theme will be ……

8)Interesting discussion on DOGS AT MEETINGS.

Having a dog at a meeting can and often does void the venue owner’s public liability policy.

Creating a vulnerable situation for the meeting secretary or chairperson????? Very precarious legal position… Can region force meetings to comply???? Can individuals insist dogs be left outside? What if dog hurts someone… no insurance? Etc. etc. etc.

9)Financials. Closing balance for region is $2616.00. This takes into account all fund flows 1/3 to APF and 2/3 to NAWS. Which was $1500 APF & $2500 NAWS. Also regions ‘prudent reserve” of 15K and all allocated budgetary proposals already moved and passed.

Much praise was given to treasurer and alt treasurer, for their work in implementing measures to eliminate risky transactions. Annual audit carried out with glowing results. Only 3 transactions were noted with lack of receipts. They were to NAWS for fund flows and receipts had not been received at time of audit. Audit is costly.

10)Positions vacant. IT vice chair   2-year clean time required and a 2-year commitment … cycle in July 19. ALT SEC. 2 year clean time and 2-year commitment July cycle.


Tony S.

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