RSC Brief report


Points of interest.

Victoria, which is using the new service system, has adopted that each GSF operate their own bank account.

NA symbols used in printing must have the R (registered trademark) included. If we don’t use it we could lose it.

Delay with literature from FSO a few months ago was due to a shipment stuck in Australian customs for an inordinately lengthy period. Apologies from FSO all good now though.

Phone line… Due to a cost blowout (caused by the popularity of texting postcode rather than using 1300 number)

The cost became 50c not 10 c per call. The mobile number was designed mainly for newcomers with no data. As a result, currently when you text postcode you receive a link to the meetings data, which creates a cost cut for our phone line. In the near future, however the old system will reapply but with the closest 3 meetings not 5.

There is also Work in progress to remove the postcode box, leaving suburb/city & state/territory, which apparently will make the searches more accurate. Seems there has been a few glitches lately. Phone line is great tool but a big job for the IT committee…. Go IT.!!

Much discussion again re a virtual ARSC platform.

With many variations. We can’t swap to a total virtual presence immediately, but it is being seriously investigated. Primarily as a cost cutting exercise. If we did just one of the 3 meetings virtually. We could save about 10K.

How to stay productive and effective in your own home online is another issue though. Stay tuned for more info in July.

NA Today requires feedback from groups, re how many hard copies are really needed. This needs to go to GSF’s then to

groups. How many old copies sit in your box? Would the online copy suffice? Obviously H&I still need hard copies. It’s a job to nail down how to make it as waste free as possible.

All members can subscribe to NA today (as well as notification of any new items/blogs) through our website

During RCM discussion Sydney North, south and west were interested in our service system. Seeking further information.

The basic text donation scheme, which was highlighted by Danielle P at our last board meeting, does work both ways. We can donate and any H&I needs of basic texts can access the scheme. I was advised by the FSO rep at region “to just call Tony at FSO.”

IT committee has released new phone line training and guidelines for phone line volunteers. Too many to go into in my brief report to board, but will be released as soon as they arrive.

IT has also been allocated extra funds to change our web data content from page 10 to page 1 or 2 whenever a search online for (drugs, recovery, addiction, etc) takes place. Term is YOST. SEO OPTIMISATION. Great way to carry the message. Well we think so anyway.

PR. New CSA’s are due for release soon.

Don’t forget PR WEEK. A global week of PR presence, first week in June 2019.

The gender specific language and god as represented in our literature has again reared its head at ARSC. Watch this spot.

Much discussion as to the best way to manage the proposal to be presented to CAR in August 2019.

Hopefully by next ARSC we’ll be in a more informed position.

Closing balance for ARSC account was $26,566.00

Leaving prudent reserve of $15000. IT $6000. And PR $4000. Leaving a surplus of $1566.12

An extra $1500 went to PR for PR week program. $100 went to Indigenous sub committee for a new pull up banner.

Leaving ARSC $ 33.88 in arrears. The prudent reserve is to ensure next meeting in Brisbane can proceed.

It was announced that across the region there is a quarantining of 7th tradition funds. This impacts our ability to carry the message.

This impacts not only ARSC but the APF as well. Australia has the largest fund flow to our Asia Pacific brothers and sisters. So it’s worth a discussion with your group. Just a conversation … It’s not any individuals or groups money. It belongs to NA and to be used to carry the message. I understand there are groups who feel that 7th trad. funds could be used more efficiently… So let us know how you think it could happen.


Assistant secretary. Current Secretary has full term to run still.

All Admin chairs and subcommittee chairs roll off during the July 2019 ARSC.

If you’re interested, now’s the time.

As Always.


Tony S.

RCM Greater Qld Area.

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