GSR Report LGBTIQ Wed night Brisbane Sonya M

GSR/Alt GSR Name

Sonya McL



Group Name/Location

LGBTIQ Wed night Brisbane

Meeting Time:


Average Weekly Attendance


Trusted Servant Topics


– Rent is paid up until the end of May

– We have fund flowed $100 to GQ Area

– We spent $219 on literature

– We take an average of $20.73 per meeting for the seventh

– We spend an average of $5 on refreshments

We have a new Secretary & Treasurer

Atmosphere of Recovery

We consistently receive feedback that our group has a welcoming atmosphere. This is represented by our home group membership which is currently at 30.

Other Topics


– Having to vacate our current venue by June.

– Attendance at group conscience has been low in comparison to our membership

– The Secretary & Group Service Rep resigned from their service positions

– Both mentioned that these roles have a lack of support

– The Treasurer has been unable to be contacted for financials


– A new venue has been found & is suitable

– Five service positions have been filled at our group conscience meeting. Each position now has a support person attached to the role.

Other Expenses Description


Prudent Reserve (Remaining Balance)


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