Brisbane Inner City – Group Support Forum – July 2019

Host: Friday Night – Women’s Sponsorship and Strength – Bowen Hills – 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Location: Sands Building505 Bowen Terrace, New Farm, Queensland 4005
Date: Sunday, 14th July  2019
Time: 2:00 am – 4:00 pm
Attendees: Spiritual Concepts: Mandy K

Rainbow Recovery Wednesday Night: Sonya M and Jason T

Paddington Thursday Night: Jason T

Wednesday Night Farsi Meeting: Sam

Women’s Sponsorship and Strength:  Lydia M

New Farm Lunchies’: Mandy K

Paddington Sunday morning:  Gretel P

Apologies: Spring Hill Tuesday Night – Steps and Traditions

West End Wednesday Night

Men’s Meeting – Thursday Night New Farm

Saturday Morning New Farm

Sunday Women’s Meeting

New Farm Saturday Night Id

Friday Night Literature New Farm


Open with theService Prayer.

God grant us the knowledge that we may work according to your great divine precepts.

Install in us a sense of your purpose.

Make us servants of your will and grant us a bond of selflessness, that no addict anywhere need die from the horrors of addiction.

Group Report Backs

1.  Spiritual Concepts – Sunday Afternoon New Farm

  • The meeting is running well, with lots of home group members with varied clean time.
  • Good atmosphere of recovery
  • The group is financial and will be fund flowing subject to a group conscience.
  • The group is buying literature and the rent is up to date.

2.  Wednesday Night Farsi Spring Hill

  • No problems.
  • Changed from a topic meeting to reading the book.
  • Bought literature and the rent is all up to date.

3.  Wednesday Night Rainbow Recovery New Farm

  • Has an attendance of roughly 32 members per week,
    • 9 recorded new comers.
  • A great atmosphere of recovery.
  • Group is financial:
    • Rent is paid until the end of July 2019.
    • Fund flowed $50 in July.
  • All service positions are filled.
  • The move to the new venue has been disruptive:
    • No tea and coffee, nowhere to store the group materials.
    • To support a jug was donated, and group members have been taking the box home, and for the first month a member will stay down at the old venue to redirect people at need.
  • The time change has been smooth.
  • Atmosphere of recovery is good.

4.  Friday Night Women’s Strength and Sponsorship Meeting Bowen Hills

  • The meeting has been going strong and has received heaps of support in terms of literature key tags and pamphlets.
  • Group members are there consistently each week, and all service positions are filled.
  • Once a month the format is changed to include an OCM guest speaker.
  • The group is financial, the rents is paid up, and the group is awaiting group conscience to fund flow.
  • The group has roughly 10-12 members attend each week.
  • The feeling is that with time the meeting will continue to grow in strength.
  • Members have been really responsive to the fact that this meeting is one with a strong focus on sponsorship.

5.  Sunday Morning Paddington – Literature Meeting

  • Recent changes in the group has meant that it has been subject to a bit of change; which has created a stronger group.
  • The group is not up to date with rent, and are unsure where the treasury is at.
  • Although this has historically been a JFT meeting, the format is now been updated to a literature study allowing a wider range of literature as subject matter.
  • All service positions have been filled.
  • There is excellent attendance and the atmosphere of recover is really positive.
  • The group takes about $25 – $30 a week.
  • The group needs key tags but is stocked with everything else.

6.  Lunchies

  • All of the lunchies have moved to the new venue and new times. There were a few teething problems, but the creases all seem to be ironed out now.
  • There is someone to open the meeting each day.
  • The group is financial with heaps of literature, and the rent is up to date.
  • The times were changed to maintain anonymity.
  • The meeting app updates are still in progress.

7.  Thursday Night Paddington

  • Meeting is going well
  • Group is financial and rent is up to date
  • Group attendance fluctuates with 50% attendance is the rehabs

Previous GSF Topics

1.  Brisbane 2020 Convention

  • Question: Is next year’s going to be a convention or a unity weekend?
  • This is something that the Brisbane fellowship would like to do.  Discussed options around beginning the process.
  • Team will ask around if there is someone with event management experience.
  • Gretel P will start a spreadsheet of people who are interested in service positions.

3.  Regional Service Committee (RSC) Speaker Jam

  • Discussed that the next steps is to get the message out there.
  • Attendees will announce:
    • What is the event.
    • That it is free.
  • Venue is secured.

New GSF Topics

1.  Pets attendance in the venue

  • An issue has been raised that a number of members are bringing their pets to meetings.
  • The terms and conditions of most venue prohibit pets.
  • As we are representing NA, it is suggested that we respect our place of recovery and not bring pets.
  • If someone brings a dog need to let them know, emphasising a focus on maintaining an environment of recovery.
  • It is suggested that GSRs take this issue back to back to their home group to add it to the preamble.
    • suggest that group put these comments their preamble

2.  Greater Queensland Service Board Update

  • Discussion around H&I specifically women’s prison.
  • Some updates are in progress with a committee to talk through changes to the website.
  • PR week:
    • Specifically getting the message of recovery to police.
    • PR through police

3.  New Farm Sands Building as GSF venue

  • Another entity has enquired about the use of the Sands building on Sundays.
  • Trialling the GSF to be held at a different venue next month.

4. Serenity prayer at the end of the meeting

  • It was brought up that people are making a joke before saying the serenity at the end of a meeting.
  • It was discussed that this blurs the NA message.
  • An action was taken by the GSFs to take it to their home groups.
  • Need to consider what this will mean to a newcomer.

5. GSF Attendance

  • The last two (2) GSFs the attendance has been rather low.
  • Discussion around how to encourage this.
    • Make a note of the benefits of the GSF.
    • Consider doing it during the week.
    • BBQ?

6. Narcotics Anonymous activities

  • Discussion around NA hosting more fun activities like dances, northside versus southside rivalries, trivia etc
  • An event per season (autumn, winter etc) would boost unity and spread the message of recovery.
  • There used to be an activities chair.
  • Gretel will organise a committee.

7.  Next Group Support Forum

  • The next GSF will be hosted by Rainbow Recovery at 10:00 am on Sunday, the 18th August 2019; at Ithaca Hall


Serenity prayer in the plural.

God, grant us the serenity to accept the things that we cannot change

The courage to change the things that we can

And the wisdom to know the difference.


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