Introductions & apologies.

Welcome to new members

Counting of voting RCM’s to establish a quorum

Service prayer

Reading of 12 traditions and 12 concepts

Approval of previous minutes

Business arising?

Announcement of speaker jam held on Saturday night 20/7/19




Informed ARSC of the ongoing discussions between themselves and NSW corrections are nearing fruition.

Plans to roll out virtual H&I meetings into all NSW correction facilities using corrections secure server…. Watch this space.


WA & QLD, NT had their copies of the magazine disappear into the ether.

Next edition will be couriered out with tracking capabilities. Apologies all round.

Next edition will be  “why we work the steps”


Outgoing chair requested all photos and stories of displays from Global PR week be collated and sent to I am just beginning that task this week.

RCM discussion involved enlisting the services of the ARSC admin panel to proof read and check all printing and outgoing public facing products (banners /posters etc.) to help avoid the misprint saga that ensued with the Global PR week banners & posters. 1 more check point….

Newcastle/Hunter valley area was seated at this ARSC. They are in need of some workshops.

WA also requested a delegation from region to present some service workshop/presentations.


Chair, Johnny rolled out and Carolyn our vice chair, rolled into the chair position.

Peter B rolled out of PR chair and took vice chair. Peter M has rolled on as PR chair. Megan from Sth coast NSW was elected as PR vice chair.

Bruce G remains as our IT chair.

Heath W remains as our NA today chair.

Janet B rolled off ARSC as treasurer and Shaun ass tres. rolled into treasurer position. Rachael E was elected as new assistant treasurer.

PT rolled off region as Policy chair but remains on policy subcommittee to ensure a smooth hand over when a new chair presents.

Ryan our secretary remains and Gianna was elected as Ryan’s assistant secretary.

Our RD has rolled off and Elliot our AD was elected new RD. for the next 2-year region cycle. No AD as yet

Tim B is FSO chair represented by Lawrence from FSO board.

Brett B rolled off as outreach chair and vice chair Jack was elected as new Outreach chair.

Katie N from sth coast NSW was elected new chair of the indigenous subcommittee Karen A has rolled out after much service.

ARSC selected to reverse an old decision regarding Twillio, which freed up much needed time previously wasted on needless accounting practices by the IT chair.


RD gave his final presentation. SPIRITUAL PRINCIPLES A DAY BOOK.1/9/19 is new deadline for review and input of first batch of spiritual principles.

IDT’s issue discussion topics.

1 attracting members to service

2 carrying the NA message and making NA attractive.

3 Drug replacement therapy DRT and medication assisted treatment MAT as it relates to NA.

World board needs your input.

I have attached printouts of the IDT and SPAD info.


Gender neutrality language motion, Sweden and Australia are collaborating on presenting it to World service. I have attached the motion and it’s explanation & story of collaboration.

Outreach chair raised a motion on how to make ARSC a more efficient forum.

4 key areas need to be addressed


Our current system is perceived as flawed

A service body inventory should be undertaken.

Time frame of any proposed changes.


Some see a switch to virtual as the savior, some see that as a band-aid only.

A workgroup was formed and will report back in November


ARSC was treated to a special presentation that looked at our current legal status and a work group was formed to further investigate avenues regarding our status as NFP. Charitable organization and ACNC Australian charities and not- for -profits commission Membership.

This purely an exploratory workgroup, which will report on its discoveries when ARSC next meets in November 2019.


IT chair gave a presentation on Office 365 specifically TEAMS.

It was an introduction to our potential new virtual meeting space.


Treasurer displayed that fund flow had improved since March this year.

Closing balance as at 21/7/19 was $60629.01

Region closed 5pm Sunday 21/7/19


Tony S

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