Brisbane Northside GSF 2/12/19

GSF Minutes 2/12/2019

In Attendance:

Alan (Chair), Rose (Secretary), Dave, Ally, John.


Deb, Mel.

Old business:

LSC- John raised query of costs for Australian region conference with one of our Qld reps. Greater Area Service Representative explained that combined with NT our area has only two reps and the stipend supplied is minimal to cover all costs. Skype is not a suitable alternative although they could look at having only two regional conferences per year as opposed to three. NSW has thirteen GSRs so that could also be looked at in regards to making it two, as with other states.

New business:

LSC- Region are looking at ways to promote NA through TV advertisements, posters and cards placed in doctors’ surgeries, parole offices and other places to get the NA message out to the addict who still suffers. Qld and NT are now combined and are called Northern Australian Region.

LSC is looking for new board members in the future if anyone interested in expanding their service roles 

Friday Night Sandgate currently experiencing an issue with a member’s child who is consistently disruptive during the meeting by interrupting members sharing time and the meeting in general. Wanted advice on how best to address it without that member getting upset and not coming back. Adding something to the preamble was suggested by Ally. John suggested talking with the member to make them aware of the concern before reading the proposed preamble change at a meeting. Other meetings are experiencing the same concern and Sandgate feels it’s affecting members’ ability to experience the honesty, strength and hope every meeting should have.  Sandgate will hold another group conscience to discuss the matter further.

Northside NA BBQ on Saturday 7/12/19 at Shorncliffe Pier from 10am-2pm is on track. Each group will contribute the usual from their funds. 

Next BBQ proposed for Saturday 7/3/2020 and will confirm that date next GSF as it may be a busy time with other NA events happening.

GSF currently has no treasurer and has no funds to hold anyway as GSF meeting being held on same night and place as Monday Strathpine meeting. 

Proposal to share GSF meeting with Caboolture. Decided to table proposal at this time to discuss further at next GSF. Some concerned it won’t be central to all members.

Group Reports:

Sunday Caboolture- average attendance and financial.

Monday Strathpine- average attendance (appx 15), some newcomers and financial and donating to area

Tuesday North Lakes- attendance very low, sometimes only 2 members and needs support.

Wednesday Deception Bay- unknown

Thursday Redcliffe- numbers low and needs support. Financial situation unknown.

Friday Sandgate- average attendance (appx 10-15) and are financial with rent, literature and fund flowing about to be done.

Next GSF to be held on Monday 10/2/2020 at 6.15pm at Strathpine. 

Chair for that meeting will be Ally.



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