H&I Hub Minutes – 18 June, 2020

H&I Hub Meeting (online) Minutes – 18 June, 2020

Attendees – Meredith C (Chair/Minutes), Victoria S, Jason T, Nathan

Apologies – none offered

H&I Online Presentations Update

The H&I Hub has access to a permanent designated meeting room via BlueJeans for online H&I presentations.

South East Queensland Online H&I Presentations

  • The Hub’s preference to use local members, in this instance, is based on the understanding residents will benefit from the connections established online when they start attending local face to face meetings.
  • 10 rehabs and detox units approached
  • South East Queensland Online H&I Presentation launched Monday, 20 April
  • Presentations held weekly on Monday evenings from 6-7pm
  • Hader only rehab currently using this meeting, meetings well received with approximately 30 residents attending, speakers drawn from the HADS roster
  • Logan House has requested to commence online H&I

Outreach Online H&I

  • Presentations held weekly on Monday evenings from 7-8pm
  • Open to treatment facilities Australia wide
  • Members Australia wide are invited to join the speaker roster (6-month minimum clean time)
Action Member Responsible Status
Contact Logan House to arrange connection to online meetings Meredith C  
Promote H&I roster opportunities for South East Queensland Online and Outreach Online at meetings; encourage interested members and early recovery members to sit in as observers All  
Approach NA@Home for literature (Basic Text, JFT, Welcome Pack) donations to online facilities Meredith C  

Correctional Facilities Update


  • H&I Hub is represented on the Online H&I Committee to progress Australia wide trial of online correctional facility presentations
  • The Online H&I Committee comes under Regional PR – representatives are from Queensland (Eda, Meredith) and NSW (Brett, Derek, Richard, Sinclair)
  • Darwin Correctional Centre currently in the process of establishing online meetings
  • NSW have commenced online meetings, working through space and attendance limitations
  • H&I Hub spoke with Tamara Bambrick, Assistant Commissioner with Queensland Corrective Services (QCS) about commencing online pilot project
    • Tamara to follow up with QCS IT in a couple of weeks
    • Online pilot project site suggestions were:
  • Wolston Correctional Centre
  • Numinbah Correctional Centre
  • Brisbane Women’s Correctional Centre
  • Southern Queensland Correctional Centre
Action Member Responsible Status
Email H&I Hub and meet with Women’s Prison Roster participants for feedback on online pilot project sites Meredith C Numinbah put forward as preferred site (low security, set-up more straightforward)
Provide pilot project recommendations to QCS Meredith C  
Contact H&I Online Committee to understand how the meetings are set up (where speakers call in from, who calls and connects the speakers, who sets up the connection) Meredith C  

Face to face meetings

  • Recommencing at Brisbane Women’s Correctional Centre June 26
  • Recommencing at Southern Queensland Correctional Centre July 3
  • Waiting on Helana Jones Centre recommencement date

Men’s Correctional facilities

  • No face to face meetings up and running at this stage
  • Waiting on 5-6 security clearance applications (submitted March 29) to be processed by QCS
  • Tamara advised QCS are looking to speed up the back end of security clearance applications process

H&I Meetings

Toowoomba – no current H&I activity in Toowoomba.

Action Member Responsible Status
Approach Sunrise Way to determine interest in joining online H&I presentations Meredith C  


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