Louis – Wednesday night west end

West end meeting now has microphones and smoother format, much easier for hybrid style to proceed and sound is very clear . One meeting was bombed, waiting room or code enabling can helps. 15-20 ftf, around 12 online

Sally – Monday night
Average 20 weekly attendance, covid safe plan and social distancing still in place, sanitizing the chairs. 395 in bank however we are yet to buy literature and fund flow. We have decided to send funds to regional this month instead of area

Brett – Lunchies
25-30 ppl a day, strong atmosphere of recovery, Love St Lunchies sticking with spring Hill venue, 12 traditions workshop every Monday before the meeting. No longer a bank account now a safe and ledger system. Prudent reserve is about $100

Michele & Sonja – Rainbow
Venue shifted to neighbourhood centre, sticking with hybrid format for the last 2 weeks. 2 zoom bombings have occurred. Sonja is not treasurer. Meeting is now 1hr and 15 mins, 6.30-7.15

38-42 a week, 2 newcomers, 6-8 ppl on zoom. 7th 130-170 month, fund flow to area, rent expenses for zoom and venue

Rainbow Recovery Goes bush

All members welcome. 2 bushe walks, BBQ lunch, Christian is organising it, 31 October 2020, more information to come bout food and donations

Brett will ask lunhcie if they will host Xmas day event

Proposal for NYE event – possibly we will do something new years day because its a public holiday, and its during the day and very few ppl are out

Next GSF Sunday 25th oct @ 3pm
Sunday 29th November @ 3pm



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