Women’s Prison Roster Group Conscience – January 2021

Women’s Prison Roster Group Conscience (online) Minutes – 3 January 2021

Attendees: Meredith C (Chair/minutes), Amelia DC, Victoria S, Fran H, Ally D, Yvonne D, Siarah K


Facility Reports

Southern Queensland Correctional Centre

  • Group discussed the opportunity to change the meeting day from Friday to Saturday
Action Member Responsible Status
Determine Saturday meeting time Meredith C  
Ask David to advise if AA get in contact with him Meredith C  


Helana Jones Centre

  • Siarah requested to handover HJC Coordinator service position
  • Victoria accepted the HJC Coordinator service position
Action Member Responsible Status
HJC handover with Victoria Siarah K  
Email Megan at HJC to introduce Victoria as new Coordinator Siarah K  


Brisbane Women’s Correctional Centre

Group agreed to move from fortnightly to weekly BWCC meetings.


Action Member Responsible Status
Email Vicki and Fiona to determine interest in weekly NA meetings and preferred day and time. Fran H  


Youth Detention Centre

Group agreed to postpone approaching the Brisbane Youth Detention Centre.

New Business

Probation and Parole

  • The H&I Hub meet with Brisbane Central Probation and Parole in December to raise awareness about NA and the role it can play in client recovery.
  • Approximately, 10-12 staff attended and were keen to add NA to their client ‘toolbox’.
  • The Hub will meet regularly with Brisbane Central staff to remain connected, provide literature and arrange client information sessions.
  • The Hub discussed approaching other Brisbane Probation and Parole offices to determine interest in connecting with NA.
  • Group agreed to initially work with three Probation and Parole offices with a specific Coordinator for each office.
  • Each Coordinator to be responsible for arranging regular information sessions with staff, literature and monthly client information sessions.


Action Member Responsible Status
Contact Brisbane Central Probation and Parole to determine which regions would benefit most from NA support Meredith C  
Update Group via WhatsApp Meredith C  


Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre

H&I Hub has commenced discussions with Arthur Gorrie to determine interest in NA information sessions.

  • Centre was very receptive
  • Due to space restrictions their preference is for NA to go in on a Saturday
  • Male and female facilitators are welcome; three women with security clearance are available
  • Looking for an information session format due to the transient (remand) nature of the facility
  • Centre is very keen for us to present to the staff. Meredith C, Cam J and Peter M to present at staff training on January 21.


Release Support


  • Group discussed ways to provide women exiting correctional centres with NA meeting information and support phone numbers.


Action Member Responsible Status
Discuss options with Sisters Inside Victoria S  
Facility Coordinators to contact SQCC, HJC and BWCC regarding providing exiting women with meetings list and NA business card Fran H, Victoria S  
Download Reaching Out and get prison to print out Victoria S  


Acknowledgement of Country


Group discussed including Acknowledgement of Country into prison meetings and information session format and decided it was not appropriate in a correctional facility environment.


Group Conscience

Group Conscience will be held every four weeks, to alternate between:

  1. Thursday evening 7-8pm (after the H&I Hub meeting); and
  2. Saturday (every second Saturday) 4pm

Meredith C responsible for sending out Group Conscience reminders and meeting link.

Roster Process

Meredith C to:

  1. Text members on paid work rosters to determine their availability
  2. Send out WhatsApp invite to fill remaining prison roster spaces
  3. Final roster to be emailed to the Group two weeks in advance
  4. Send text message reminder 3 days before each meeting

Facility Meeting Feedback

Members to share:

  1. Short written summary via WhatsApp post facility meetings
  2. Verbal facility reports at Group Conscience and H&I Hub meetings

Meredith C will send link for Group members to attend H&I Hub meetings.

Service Sponsors

Group agreed to assign a Service Sponsor and a Group newcomer(s) as Service Support to each correctional facility.

Facility Service Sponsors for:

  1. Brisbane Women’s Correctional Centre – Fran H
  2. Southern Queensland Correctional Centre – Victoria S
  3. Helana Jones Correctional Centre – Victoria S

Service Sponsors will take the lead on:

  1. Communication with the facility
  2. Feedback to the Group and H&I Hub about meeting attendance, emerging issues etc
  3. Literature – NA pamphlets for meetings and NA books for prison libraries and detention units
  4. Promotion of NA meetings to the women within the facility
  5. Provide guidance to Service Support members

Service Support members are encouraged to:

  1. Assist Service Sponsors
  2. Step in when the Service Sponsor is unavailable

Meredith C to oversee:

  1. Management of security clearance applications
  2. Facility inductions
  3. Custodial awareness training
  4. Security clearance renewals


Group has access to donated Just for Today and Basic Texts for correctional facilities

Group created a literature service position – currently being filled by Meredith C

Literature Service Officer is responsible for ordering NA literature for all facilities through the FSO

Literature orders to be sent to Meredith C who will distribute the literature to facility Service Sponsors or Service Support members

Literature tax invoices will be passed onto the Board for payment by Meredith C


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