NA Northern Australia Service Area Local Service Conference – February 2021

LSC February 2021

Date: Sunday February 7, 2021

Times: Session 1: 10 – 12am and Session 2: 1 -3pm

Venue: Zoom only

session 1 or session 2? FName Service Position
S1 & S2 Bonnie Board Member / RCM / HG West End Weds Brisbane
S1 & S2 Michael Board Member / Treasurer /  HG Mens Thurs New Farm Brisbane
S1 & S2 Jason Board Member / Inner City / HG Weds Rainbow Brisbane
S1 & S2 Leah HG Friday NF Just for Today
S1 & S2 Brad HG Tues
S1 & S2 John GSF Northside Brisbane
S1 & S2 Meredith Board / HG Sat Women’s New Farm Brisbane
S1 Raymond Inala
S1 Krishna Cairns
S1 & S2 Louis Inner City GSF
S1 Bridget Brisbane South GSF Rep
S1 Elz Friday NF / Tues Spring Hill
S1 & S2 Malcom Vice Chair Region
S1 & S2 Nathan Toowoomba
S1 & S2 Sami Townsville
S1 & S2 Tor Alt RCM Na@Home
S1 Bruce Regional IT Chair
S1 & S2 Shaun Treasure ARSC
S1 & S2 Phil P East Sydney ASC – Sydney
S1 & S2 Peter B. Chair of Aust. Region Service Committee (ARSC)
S1 Berny B Alice Springs
S1 & S2 Syrah Brisbane South/ Springwood HG
S2 Matt Darwin/ Board Member
S2 Cameron Friday Night HG


To discuss the different activities of the Board and their plans for the next 3 months.

To discuss the different activities of the GSFs and their plans for the next 3 months


Session 1: 10am – 12 midday

  1. Acknowledgement of Country – Meredith
  2. Open, welcome and ID– Facilitator: Jason
  3. Overview of Service Board /GSF activities since last LSC (15) Facilitator: Bonnie
  4. Supporting GSFs – General discussion – Facilitator: Bonnie

Session 2: 1pm – 3pm

  1. Open, welcome and ID (Facilitator: Jason)
  2. Election of GSFs (Bonnie)
  3. H & I Support (Meredith)
  4. PR Support (Bonnie)
  5. NA – not for profit status changes (Bonnie)
  6. Treasurer discussion (Michael)
  7. LSC forward planning (Bonnie)


Session 1

  1. Overview of Activities of Groups, Service Bodies, Areas
  • RCM – inviting more board members and ALT RCM. Not for profit move. Meeting changes.
  • Meredith H&I hub. Also looking for more support to hand over duties
  • Jason – getting around to GSFs, Setting up Zoom, supporting web activities, and lots more.
  • Michael, Treasurer – Supported move to new bank. Working on the SubAccounts/ Bank Accounts which keeps our meeting finances transparent. Reports uploaded on the website
  • Leah – interested in becoming a board member 18 months clean. Service in H&I, GSF, Websites navigation
  • Brad – interested in becoming boards
  • John – Northside GSF – going gangbusters on northside. 5 new meetings. Developed a H&I roster for Caboolture MH Unit- developed a good relationship with the facility. Roster has good support. BBQ activity coming up at Shorncliffe – “Celebrating Fellowship” All groups supporting this. Good attendance at meetings.
  • Raymond – good meetings
  • Krishna – Cairns – lots of newcomers. Going well
  • Louis – Inner City GSF – changed the date to avoid clash with LSC and other events
  • Bridget – Brisbane South. New to LSC. Michelle (GSF Rep) to come too. Bank Sub Account being set up to organise the funds that are being held for activities. Social media sub committee developing rules and processes.
  • Elz – new to LSC. Homegroup. Strong attendance, lots of home group members. Not enough people for service positions.
  • Nathan – Toowoomba – Meeting on Tuesday night. Going ok. Only one meeting a week. Trying to reopen other two meetings. Local rehab would like H&I. Keen to get that going. Likely to need support. Zoom H&I Would like to connect to other meetings in regional areas. Discussion about that aren’t running.
  • Sami – Townsville – PR – would like some PR materials. Peter B to send. Literature office – postage costs. PR on local radio? Peter B will send details for region PR contact. Interested in becoming a Board member. COVID sign in? Meeting on Traditions is going well.
  • Tor – Alt RCM social media concerns.
  • Bruce – Monday Night NF Brisbane – Regional IT Chair.
  • Shaun – Regional Treasurer
  • Phil P – Chairperson Eastern Area Sydney
  • Berny – Progress getting meeting support Tues/ Thurs. Supported by health workers. Rehabs not that interested at the moment. Lots of demand and not enough resources.

GSF Discussion

  1. GSF Reps communicating with Service Board
    • LSC members agreed it has been going well
    • Some changes to the GSF reps and Board contacts – the updated list is here and will also be placed up on the website with an explainer.
    • Discussion about each GSF having an email account LSC members agreed for this to happen. Bonnie to get info together and to forward to IT Chair.

Updated List: GSF reps and their Service Board Rep.

This enables communication between GSFS and the Board.

GSFs Board Rep GSF Rep
Cairns Tony Krishna
Darwin Matt Matt
Alice Springs Matt Bernard
Townsville Tony Sami
Fraser Coast Michael Bob
Capricorn Coast Michael Mus
North Side Brisbane Meredith John / Ally
Inner City Brisbane Jason Louis
Logan Bayside Brisbane Michael Michelle
Toowoomba Bonnie / Jason Nathan
  1. Board Elections – criteria.
  • Discussion about required clean time – 2 years clean is required for board members. Election process includes nominee providing their service resume and LSC members asking questions about the member’s engagement with NA / personal recovery.

Particular roles on the board have other clean time requirements. Some are determined by Australian Region and others are determined by our own local service area (at the LSC)

  • Treasurer – 5 years (Australian Region)
  • Alt Regional Committee Member – 18 months (Australian Region)
  • Regional Committee Member (RCM) – 2 years (Australian Region)
  • Board Members – 2 years (Local service area)
  • Hospitals & Institutions (H&I) Hub coordinator – 3 years (Local service area)
  • Public Relations (PR) – 3 years (Local service area)

Potential Board members should be prepared for a minimum of 2 years in the role. This will ensure you have enough time to get familiar with the service structure, and your role, and ensure that you can pass on your knowledge to the next board member coming along behind you. Also consider that positions like the RCM and Treasurer have a 2-year term of service which may then add to your time on the board. Many, board members also stay closely connected to the board after rolling off to ensure we have continuity of knowledge and skills.

Session 1 closed at 12:50

Session 2

Session 2 start 1pm

  1. Elections of Service Board Members


  • Sami from Townsville. Seconded by Bonnie

– Service Resume? Yes – experienced trusted servant in NA

– Clean time requirement? Yes – 3 years

– Personal recovery? Yes – sponsorship and home group

  • Sami was accepted by the LSC as a service board member
  • Brad from Brisbane. Seconded by Michael
    • Service resume? Yes
    • Clean time 2017? Yes – 3 years
    • Personal recover? Yes – sponsorship and home group
  • Brad was accepted by the LSC as a board member
  • Leah from Brisbane – Seconded by Jason
    • Service resume? Yes
    • Clean time? No – 18 months – happy to observe for 6 months
    • Personal recovery? Yes – sponsorship and home group
  • Leah will join in board meetings for now and re nominate at elections when she is 2 years clean
  • John from North Brisbane:
    • Service resume? Yes
    • Clean time? Yes – 33 years clean
  • John was accepted by the LSC as a board member
  • Congratulations to all new service board members
  1. H&I Support
  • Toowoomba and H& I request from local rehab. Rehab wants Face to face meetings. Toowoomba members are interested to support but it is a very small fellowship.
  • H &I Hub can provide support to Toowoomba.
  • H&I Hub meets online every third Wednesday evening. Information is on the website. Meredith is the coordinator and will be happy to respond to any requests for H&I support from GSFs and members.
  1. PR support
  • LSC would like for the board to create a point of contact for PR.
  • Board will discuss and put together a proposal and bring that back to the next LSC.
  1. Update on the NA legal status (move to not-for-profit legal structure)
  • Shaun and Malcom will do a presentation for us at the next LSC.
  • Forward any questions to the service board to send on to the presentations.
  • Immediate change – new insurance policy which will be on the website soon.
  • Next LSC will include a “What has happened” – presentation
  • Concerns raised about the status and planning for the FSO in these changes. There is a regional meeting coming up with how the changes affect the FSO.
  • Please ensure you discuss these changes with your GSFs, groups and other members to make them aware. Lots of information is also posted on the regional NA website.
  1. Treasurer information
  • Question about how to verify transfers from groups has come through for fund flow. If they haven’t been reported on the treasurers report then they did not go through. Treasurers report is posted in our Northern Australia website.
  1. Next LSC forward planning.
  • Dates: May 16th ; August 8th; November 7th. 10- 12 and 1-3
  • Event brite for LSC coordination
    • Easy to organise everyone who attends
    • Can be tricky for participants to join
    • Dislike of using third party – who then is privy to our information/emails.
    • Privacy information should be included in our Event Brite invitations. Making people aware that they are sharing information with a 3rd party and offering alternatives (eg. Emailing the Zoom link)
  • Legal Status Workgroup presentation for next LSC (May 16)
  1. Round the room feedback.
  1. Close meeting with Serenity Prayer in the plural at 3:00pm
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