Public Relations meeting minutes 8/5/21

MEETING MINUTES – Public Relations  – 8/5/21


Chair’s welcome
Service prayer
God, grant us the knowledge that we may act according to your divine precepts. Instil in us a sense of your purpose. Make us servants of your will and grant us a bondage of selflessness, that this may truly be your work, not ours – in order that no addict, anywhere, need die from the horrors of addiction
ID of those present: PT, Brad, Bruce, John, Alan P, Joseph M (PR Chair Gold Coast),
Apologies: Meredith, Ally, Sim (Regional PR Chair), Kris A, Matt P, Sami

1. Brief introduction on the principles/goals of PR
2. Inventory of current PR in Northern Australia area.
– Are there any overlaps with other NA services?
3. What actions can be taken so that addicts may hear/read the message of recovery in NA?
4. Role of the GSFs? What actions can they take?
5. What can be achieved long term?
6. Connection to Australian Region?
7. Date of next meeting?
8. What can be achieved prior to the next meeting?

1. PR principles/goals
NA message: “….. that an addict, any addict can stop using drugs, lose the desire to use and find a new way to live”
“Our relations with the public enable us to share this message broadly so that addicts can find us”
“Strong relationships with the public makes it possible for more addicts to have the opportunity to experience freedom from active addiction” (P.2)
“The actions we take in forming relationships with the public can have a profound effect on whether or not addicts find NA e.g. cleaning a hall after a meeting, observing a venue’s regulations for use of a hall.” (P.3)
“Individual member’s experience is the best example of NA’s message  (P.4)
2. Inventory of current PR services
Brisbane South PR Workgroup
   –    has permission to put up  banner/posters at Beenleigh and Logan Lea railway stations
– has made contact with Rochedale Medical Centre and has a poster at reception and in the toilet

– Phoneline log is on the website and the contact details are included of the addict/professional. This goes to the RCM and it would be preferable if this was passed to the PR group as well. Some areas are already receiving this information e.g Townsville, Cairns, Darwin, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast
– The phoneline has been updated and is constantly revised for new listings.
– SMS options have also been added
3. Possible Actions
– Contact and posters/business card placement at police stations, railway stations, bus shelters, pharmacies, doctor’s surgeries, needle exchange, drop in centres, neighbourhood centres, employment agencies, locals schools, shopping centres,
Health Dept., Education Dept. hospitals, mental health units, detox/rehab centres,
Probation/parole offices, gaols/correctional centres, councils
 4. Role of GSFs
GSFs are encouraged to make contact with a facility/surgery/railway in their area and explore the possibility of the placement of posters and business cards.
An email will be sent to all GSFs suggesting the above. This action would be great if it could happen within the next 6 weeks, coinciding with World PR week from June 6th – 12th.  Funds for printing of posters etc would need to be run by the Board at the next meeting on May 28th.
Along with posters a copy of the Do’s and Don’t’s of PR work will be sent to the GSFs.
This is found on the NA website.
5. Long term goals
NA presentations to courses at university in nurse education, teacher education and justice (policing)
Presentations to schools – possible controversy in school presentations re suitability of minors to hear a NA share.
Discussion went to the need to address the:
– Choice/suitability of the particular addict who is sharing and general chat on what/how to share.
– Education of the student cohort in NA prior to the member visit eg NA is a program of abstinence from all drugs, narcotics refers to all drugs in NA
– male/female to share
– Suggest presentation to Yr. 11/12 students
– Awareness around students possibly viewing that they may have many years left of using, given that the people sharing are recovering addicts
– Basically, presentations need to be done sensitively and in consultation with staff
6. Connection to Aust. Region

              June 6 – 12 is World PR week
              The PR of Aust Region wants to know:

– Can each GSF have contact and poster/business card placement with ONE facility.?

– The PR Aust. Region is asking whether advertising would be more suitable at railway stations or bus shelters within our GSFs. The Chair is proposing to  organise this through an agency.
– Brunswick Station was suggested as a good opportunity for posters
7. Next meeting
June 20, 9am – 11am, Zoom
8. Actions before next meeting
– Funding from Board for NA posters and business cards
– Printing of posters/business cards
– Email all GSFs about the action that we could take by June 20 in conjunction with PR week re initiating contact with ONE facility about the placement of posters/business cards.
(Email has been sent after this meeting.)

Feedback of meeting
– Productive meeting
– Beneficial for notice of meeting to be posted earlier on the website
– Greater participation would be good i.e more attendees. More value would be added to the meeting if more people attended.
– Learnt much
– Great to make a start and to possibly get something going

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