Brisbane South GSF minutes – May

Narcotics Anonymous

Brisbane South Group Service Forum

Monthly Meeting Minutes – May 2021

Date:  01/05/2021

Time:  12pm

Venue:  Bethania Community Centre


Administration Committee for meeting (CURRENT MONTH):

Position Name Present
Chairperson Gretel Yes
Secretary Dee Yes


Group Service Representative (GSR) in attendance:

Location/Details Meeting Day/Time GSR/REP
Online/Zoom Just for Today Daily 9:00–10:00am Dee
Springwood Steps Lunchie Mon 12:30–1:30pm Krissy
Alex. Hills Living in the Solution Mon 6:45–7:45pm Bridget
Bethania Taboo Topics Mon 7:00–8:00pm Kylie
Daisy Hill Spiritual Principals Tue 7:00–8:30pm Kellie
Richlands Give yourself a break Tue 7:00–8:00pm  
Acacia Ridge Topic Thurs 7:00–8:00pm Tracy
Victoria Point Literature Study Wed 6:00–7:00pm Brett
Springwood Topics Lunchie Wed 12:30–1:30pm Krissy
Bethania Traditions Discussion Group Thur 5:45–6:45pm Sharra
Bethania Literature Study Thur 7:00–8:00pm Wade
Wynnum Thursday Thur 7:00–8:00pm Leanne
Beenleigh Topic Fri 7:00–8:00pm Jeff
Richlands Anything is Possible Fri 7:00–8:00pm  
Park Ridge Topic Sat 10:00–11:00am Michael
Alex Hills Literature Study Sat 5:30–6:30 Gretel
Loganlea Just for Today Sun 5:30–6:30pm Rachel



Order of Business

  1. Chairperson Opens Meeting:
  • Identifies their role in administration of GSF
  • Greets and welcomes all members and observers to the GSF meeting
  • Explanation of basic GSF order of business, meeting structure & suitable conduct
  • Emphasise that this is not our work, we are merely servants of a higher power


  1. A Moments’ Silence
  • To remember why we are here and our primary purpose, ‘to carry the message of freedom from active addiction.’
  1. Service Prayer (encourage all meeting participants to read):

“God, grant us knowledge that we may Serve according to Your Divine precepts. Instil in us a sense of Your purpose. Make us servants of Your will and grant us a bond of selflessness, that this may truly be Your work, not ours – in order that no addict, anywhere, need die from the horrors of addiction.”

  1. Around the room identification of those present at the meeting


  1. Quorum
  • A ‘quorum’ is the minimum number of members of an assembly or society that must be present at any of its meetings to make the proceedings of that meeting valid’
    • Quorum has been set as a minimum of 50% of groups represented by a GSR
    • There are a total of 17 groups in the Brisbane South area
    • Therefore, a quorum of 50% or a minimum of 9 GSR’s must be in attendance in order for each GSF to proceed
    • Confirmation that if a GSR is representing another group because their GSR could not attend, that they are only counted as one vote for the quorum to be achieved
  • Count of voting members (GSR’s) – 14
  • Vote to establish quorum carried – 14
  • Vote to recognise observers – Accepted
    • Gretel
  • Group Consensus reached – Yes
    • Seconded by – Sharra GSR Thursday night Traditions


  1. Apologies read out from GSR’s unable to attend

    7. Brisbane South GSF Monthly Group Reports



Daily/Online Just for Today (Zoom 9:00-10:00 AM)
Funds Held $176.60
Attendance 15-20
Rent $23.10
Other Matters Welcome packs bought for newcomers



Springwood Steps Lunchie (12:30-1:00 PM)
GSR Krissy
Funds Held $300
Attendance 10-20
Rent $99
Other Need literature


Alexandra Hills Living in the Solution (6:45-7:45 PM)                                          
GSR Bridget
Funds Held $198.35
Attendance 15
Rent $40
Other Need keytags and literature


Bethania Taboo Topics (7:00-8:00 PM)
GSR Kylie
Funds Held $234
Attendance 12-15
Other Need literature




Richlands Give Yourself a Break (7:00-8:00 PM)
GSR Absent
Funds Held  
Other Matters  


Daisy Hill Spiritual Principles (7:00-8:30 PM)
GSR Kellie
Funds Held $224.40
Attendance 15
Rent Up to date
Other Matters No issues



Springwood Topics Lunchie (12:30-1:30 PM)
GSR Krissy
Funds Held $300
Attendance 10-20
Rent $99
Other Matters Need literature


Acacia Ridge Topic (Thursday) (7:00-8:00 PM)
GSR Tracy
Funds Held $60
Attendance 7-20
Rent Up to date
Other Matters $150 donated to area fund



Victoria Point
GSR Brett
Funds Held $90.75
Attendance 7-15
Rent Paid until  May 12th
Other Matters Need keytags


Bethania 12 Traditions Discussion Group (5:45-6:45 PM)
GSR Sharra
Funds Held $51.40
Attendance 8
Rent Up to date
Other Matters Unsure whether to order literature


Bethania Literature Study (7:00-8:00 PM)
GSR Wade
Funds Held $337
Rent Two months paid
Other Matters Needs literature


Wynnum Thursday (7:00-8:30PM)
GSR Leanne
Funds Held $72.60
Attendance 12
Rent $47.50
Other Matters  



Beenleigh Topic (7:00-8:30 PM)
GSR Jeff
Funds Held $251.10
Attendance 10-35
Rent Rent paid
Other Matters Need literature


Richlands Anything is Possible (7:00-8:30 PM)
GSR Absent
Funds Held  
Other Matters  



Park Ridge Topic (10:00-11:00 AM)
GSR Michael
Funds Held $209.50
Attendance 7-15
Rent Up to date
Other Matters Literature on order


Alex Hills Literature Study (5:30-6:30 PM)
GSR Leanne
Funds Held $369.70
Attendance 2-3 new members per week
Rent Due
Other Matters Literature up to date



Loganlea Just for Today (5:30-6:30 PM)
GSR Rachel
Funds Held $145.90
Attendance 15-20
Rent $80 paid until 28th May
Other Matters Everything going well



Public Relations Subcommittee
Chair Krissy
Update The PR Workgroup meets monthly.

Have 3 active members.

Targets are: Prospective members; Professionals (dealing with addicts) and the wider public.

A PR presentation and some training and information was included in the April meeting and was definitely informative and inspiring.

Members attending have been supplied with Service booklets and information to carry out tasks in accordance with NA policies and guidelines, Traditions, and by utilising the Service Concepts.

Service tasks are identified; discussed and priorities discussed.

Members have been busy distributing flyers undertaken after compiling lists of places to put NA flyers, posters and banners. We have decided to add the names of the people authorising us in posting the flyers to maintain a consistent service.

So far flyers have been distributed around Beenleigh, Victoria Point and some of the islands; and we may have a member willing to distribute our flyers around Logan, but unable to cover Ipswich, Inala, Darra or Alexandra Hills.

As a result of putting out the flyers a new meeting was opened at Victoria Point – thanks Gretel.

Phone enquiries on NA phoneline for Southside and Redlands have increased.

Information and flyers and posters were shared with Brisbane H&I as there is no PR subcommittee there. We have suggested that a PR workshop be held at the Brisbane Unity Day – especially given that it is being held on the global NA PR week.

Different places are being sought to hang NA banners for varying periods of time, eg Beenleigh Railway Station, and we have attained contact details for GR community engagement person.

Our workgroup members have been supporting any financial costs associated with the workgroup, except for when items such as the posters/banners have been supplied – Jason has approached the NA Board to purchase some pamphlets for the workgroup  to use.

Jason was incredibly supportive with our workgroup and he has now been replaced by Michael B from the board.

Local probation and parole officers have requested presentations to their staff which we will undertake in the near future.

Dan has negotiated with the 2021 Qld Veterans Tattoo Show conveyor and NA will have a PR Information stand (at Kingston) Saturday 9th of October 2021.

Next workgroup meeting will be on May 15th in the Community Meeting Room at Maccas in George ST., Beenleigh. Members wishing to join the group or attend the meeting are invited.



Krissy A.



  1. Old business


  • Easter egg hunt went well
  • Was not properly advertised where exactly it was taking place, resulting in people getting lost
  • Request for receipts, to be given to Wade
  • Krissy to follow up




  1. Agenda Items



  • Brisbane South NA 12 Step Feast
    • Jeff is organising
    • Leather bound JFT donated for raffle
    • Other groups looking at donating other items for raffle
    • Date decided: July 17th
    • Contact Jeff if you want to volunteer



  • Next GSF
    • To be held on the same day as Brisbane Unity Day (June 5th)
    • Date forwarded to June 12th


  • NA / Internet
    • VIC – Region approaching world board about changing the 11th tradition to be more inclusive regarding the internet.
    • Need a 60% vote from NA Australia
    • Option to go to the NA website and have a look, and email the board about changing the language
    • 30% of funds go to literature, but most of everything is digital now.


  • H&I
    • Logan House H&I going well
    • Online H&I starting for an indigenous rehab; clean time required is 12 months
    • H&I Hub still meeting.
    • Fran looking for men to do H&I at Woodford




  1. New Business


  • New Business
    • Gretel – Atmosphere of recovery at meeting when children are present
    • Discussion of closed meetings, do they include children or not?
    • Krissy – previous roster system watching kids
    • Group conscience must be called straight away if there is a risk or issue at any meetings
    • Groups responsibility


  1. Announcements


Administration Committee for meeting next GSF (MONTH):

Position Name
Chairperson Leanne
Secretary Krissy



  1. Close Service Serenity Prayer

“God, grant us the serenity

to accept the things we cannot change,
the courage to change the things we can,

and the wisdom to know the difference.”

















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