Southside Group Service Forum Minutes June 2021

Southside Group Service Forum Minutes

12 June 2021

Held at Bethania Community Centre.

Meeting commenced 12.15

Attendees:  Torie (Chair); Michelle; Sharra; Bridgette; Kelly; Rae; Dee; Leeson; Jeff; Chris; Krissy (Minute taker); Dan.

Apologies: Gretel; Leanne.

Chair welcome & ID of participants.

Service Prayer.

Acknowledgement of Traditional Owners.

Minutes from last meeting: Accepted by consensus.

(Chair explained Consensus Based Decision Making).

Reports: (as supplied)

Monday Night Bethania

Taboo Topics

Kitty: $226.30

Attendance 10-15 people.

Rent’s paid.

Donated JFT Journal to Unity Day.

Monday PM Alexandra Hills

7th: $202.50 Funds to be flowed after literature purchase.

Average Attendance 14

Rent paid until end of July.

Literature – need order (key tags)

Other: Group happy to contribute to12 Step Feast Event.

New Treasurer Emily will receive handover from Bridgette this month.

Current GSR Bridgette – Incoming GSR Jabe.

Home group members 8.

Tuesday Daisy Hill

Holding: $161.55

attendance 15 – 20.

Rent up to date. OK for Literature.

12 Step Feast – Proposal.

Wednesday Waterford 7-8pm.

JFT Topic Meeting. 157 Old Logan Village Rd, Waterford.

Holding: $80.00

Rent; cost of firewood and refreshments. Will discuss a gold coin donation for rent.

Attendance: 20-25.

Thursday Acacia Ridge PM

Balance: $130.00

Purchasing Literature.

Thursday PM Basic Text meeting:

Expenses: $189.25

Rent: $ 40.00

Literature: $149.25

Low on literature – getting some this month.

Bethania Traditions Workshop

Thursday 5.30 – 6.30

Balance: $98.15

8 people average.

No issues.

Looking to buy literature.

Wynnum Thursday PM

7th: $88.55

Average Attendance 10-20

Literature order just received.

Beenleigh Friday PM

Balance: $344.55

Attendance 10-35 

All positions filled; rent paid til February; No problems.

Saturday Park Ridge AM

Holding: $211.50

Attendance 8-10.

OK for literature – group donated Book Gift Set to 12 Step Feast Raffle.

Rent up to date.

New Home Group members.

Sunday Loganlea  5.30-6.30

Balance: $176.15

Attendance 15-20.

Rent paid until 28/6/21

No fund flow

Tea & Coffee available; stocked with literature. 

9am Daily Zoom Meeting

Last months balance: $199.70

Plus 7th: $400.00

Total: $599.75


Literature: $ 97.50

Rent: $ 69.30 Paid until September

Donated (Unity Day) $145.00

Qld (NANA) Area: $200.00 (Fund Flow)

Closing Balance: $64.85


previous Inala & Tuesday Darra meetings

No Treasurer Report – groups going well; good rapport with venue.

Victoria Point: No report

Alexandra Hills: No report

Springwood: No report

Public Relations Workgroup

Workgroup Meet monthly.

4 active Group members. New member Nic.

Keeping a database for flyer/notice distribution & following PR guidelines.

Still distributing posters locally (unable to service some suburbs). (Endeavour to use two people but not always possible).

Members wanting to do PR service are welcome – PR Basics to follow are available at the workgroup meeting as induction is preferred.

Making ongoing enquiries to hang big banner is public spaces. (QR and Logan Council).

Workgroup members attended Unity Day wearing T-Shirts with the global PR slogan “We All Are PR” and attended a table with PR service information for members.

Tattoo Event: ongoing collaboration.

Next PR Workgroup Meeting Saturday 26 June 1pm-3pm Community Meeting Room 

MacDonalds 38 George St Beenleigh (go through Restaurant – outside of the eating area).

NANA PR Hub Sunday 20 June 2021 9am-11am Meeting link 

Join Zoom Meeting Business

Old Business

12 Step Feast Event Saturday 17 July 2021 Bethania Community Centre

Treasurer elected: Jeff.

Flyers done and being distributed.

Format for the Day completed and passed around for perusal.

Speakers organised.

Lunch will be provided as well as tea and coffee.

Raffle on the day – donations accepted.

Room booked from 8am – 4pm to allow time to set up and clean up. Event will be 9am til 3pm.

Budget $300 – approved by consensus. No Entry Fee; 7th welcomed. Money will be returned to the Logan account.

New Business

Torie reported from Region:

Issues discussion:

Predatory Behaviour – older members have a responsibility to talk to people exhibiting predatory behaviour.

Service systems: currently dominated by males from World Board and on all service levels.

Bridgette: Proposed having a Workshop on Building Strong Home Groups.

Bridgette would like to facilitate; Michelle to talk to a guy (member)  in Brisbane with a lot of service experience to assist.  Venue needed. Community Room at MacDonalds not appropriate.

To be discussed further at next GSF.

Next Meeting Chairperson & Minute Taker: To be Decided.

Next Meeting 3 July 12midday Bethania Community Centre.

Meeting closed at 1.33pm with Serenity Prayer.

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