NA Brisbane Southside Group Support Forum (GSF) – Meeting Minutes April 2021

NA Brisbane Southside Group Support Forum Minutes –  July 2021

Date – 10th July 2021

Venue – Bethania Community Centre

Meeting commenced – 12:10pm

Administration Committee for meeting July

Position Name Present
Chairperson Nic Yes
Secretary Sharra Yes

Group Service Representative (GSR) in attendance

Location/Details Meeting Day/Time GSR/REP
Online/Zoom Just for Today Daily 9:00–10:00am Dee
Springwood Steps Lunchie Mon 12:30–1:30pm Kylie
Alex. Hills Living in the Solution Mon 6:45–7:45pm Bridget
Bethania Taboo Topics Mon 7:00–8:00pm Nic
Daisy Hill Spiritual Principals Tue 7:00–8:30pm Kellie
Richlands Give yourself a break Tue 7:00–8:00pm Tor
Acacia Ridge Topic Wed 7:00–8:00pm Absent
Waterford West JFT Wed 7:00–8:00pm Chris
Springwood Topics Lunchie Wed 12:30–1:30pm Kylie
Bethania Traditions Discussion Group Thur 5:30–6:30pm Sharra
Bethania Literature Study Thur 7:00–8:00pm Michele
Wynnum Thursday Thur 7:00–8:00pm Beth
Beenleigh Topic Fri 7:00–8:00pm Jeff
Richlands Anything is Possible Fri 7:00–8:00pm Tor
Park Ridge Topic Sat 10:00–11:00am Michael
Alex Hills Literature Study Sat 5:30–6:30 Leanne
Loganlea Just for Today Sun 5:30–6:30pm Leeson

Order of Business

Apologies for GSR’s unable to attend: Gretel, Krissy, Dan

Brisbane South GSF Monthly Group Reports:


Daily/Online Just for Today (Zoom 9:00-10:00 AM)
Funds Held $117.95
Attendance 20 – 25
Rent Zoom invoice paid up until September 2021
Other Matters $94.85 fund flow to area done this month

Prudent reserve $23.10


Springwood Steps Lunchie (12:30-1:00 PM)
GSR Kylie
Funds Held
Other Matters No report
Alexandra Hills Living in the Solution (6:45-7:45 PM)
GSR Bridget
Funds Held $130.15
Attendance 10 – 15
Rent Paid until end of July 2021
Other Matters Literature – $166.75 spent

Fund Flow – TBA after GSF

Bethania Taboo Topics (7:00-8:00 PM)
Funds Held $237.70
Attendance 10
Rent Rent due, awaiting invoice from venue
Other Matters


Richlands Give Yourself a Break (7:00-8:00 PM)
Funds Held
Attendance 10 – 15
Other Matters Literature order done

Prudent reserve – $100

Daisy Hill Spiritual Principles (7:00-8:15 PM)
GSR Kellie
Funds Held $161.40
Attendance 15-20
Rent Paid up to date
Other Matters Fine for literature and key tags, no issues


Waterford West JFT (7:00 – 8:00 PM)
GSR Chris
Funds Held $137.30
Attendance 20
Other Matters Facility grateful for NA


Acacia Ridge Topic (7:00-8:00 PM)
GSR Absent
Funds Held
Other Matters
Bethania 12 Traditions Discussion Group (5:45-6:45 PM)
GSR Sharra
Funds Held $98
Attendance 6
Rent Rent due, awaiting invoice from venue
Other Matters $20 fund flow to Greater QLD
Bethania Literature Study (7:00-8:00 PM)
GSR Michelle
Funds Held $300
Attendance 10 -15
Rent Rent due, awaiting invoice from venue
Other Matters Need literature
Wynnum Thursday (7:00-8:30 PM)
GSR Beth
Funds Held $180.65
Attendance approx. 20
Rent Paid $95
Other Matters Group continues to seek to boost attendance by sharing meeting details at local meetings ad through NA Brisbane South FB page


Beenleigh Topic (7:00-8:30 PM)
GSR Jeff
Funds Held $380.30
Attendance 15 – 30
Rent Paid up for 12 months until January 2022 ($520)
Other Matters New Secretary


Park Ridge Topic (10:00-11:00 AM)
GSR Michael
Funds Held $212.65
Attendance 5-10
Rent Paid up to date
Other Matters Fine for literature and key tags, no issues
Alex Hills Literature Study (5:30-6:30 PM)
GSR Leanne
Funds Held $408
Attendance 15 – 20
Rent Rent due
Other Matters Full literature and key tags

Few newcomers each week


Loganlea Just for Today (5:30-6:30 PM)
GSR Leeson
Funds Held $180.30
Attendance 15 – 20
Rent Rent paid 28/7/21
Other Matters All service positions

6 home group members

Discussing fund flow and literature order at next meeting

Public Relations Subcommittee
Chair Nic
Update PR group travelling well.

Have 2 new PR members.

PR group meet monthly – are waiting to book room for next meeting at McDonalds

Treasury Report
Chair Wade
Update Balance $780
Board Report
Chair Michele
Update Was suggested to the Board for Southside to split up into smaller regions as PR are unable to cover the whole Southside area

The Board disagrees with this suggestion.

New Business

Issues for the NA Board

  • Michele is Southside Board Representative, any issues for the board are to be brought to Michele to take to the board.

GSF Reports

  • Subcommittee reports to have a 5 – 7-minute time frame to present their reports at GSF meetings to allow time for all agenda items to be discussed.

Traditions being included at GSF

  • Suggested that instead of the service prayer being read out at the beginning of GSF instead we read out a section from the Traditions in the hopes it will help us practice unity.

GSF Chairperson

  • Has been agreed for strong members to chair at the GSF over the coming months to help keep GSF discussions on topic.

Next LSC – August 17th (date to be confirmed)

  • Will be hosted online – 3 speaker jam with service meetings held in between, inspired service topics, very strong speakers with a lot of clean time.

World Unity Day – September 5th 2021

Logan’s 12 Step Feast Unity Day – 17th July

  • Was voted to postpone event due to COVID-19 restriction on numbers allowed in venue
  • New date will be decided at a later time when restrictions are eased
  • Jeff will update this on the website and it will be announced at local meetings and on social media to get the word out

QR Codes

  • Meeting Venues are responsible for providing QR codes to sign in at local meetings

Goodna lunch meeting

  • Questions around whether Goodna Lunch time meeting is still active
  • Kylie will follow that up with Renee and report back at next GSF
  • Reminder to confirm meeting details are still up to date on the NA website

Next GSF confirmed as Saturday, August 7th 2021, 12pm @ Bethania Community Centre 

Administration Committee for meeting next GSF (August):

Position Name
Chairperson Wade
Secretary Nic


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