Northern Australia Public Relations meeting minutes 20/6/21

PR Meeting Minutes – 20/6/21
Chair’s welcome
Service prayer
God, grant us the knowledge that we may act according to your divine precepts. Instil in us a sense of your purpose. Make us servants of your will and grant us a bondage of selflessness, that this may truly be your work, not ours – in order that no addict, anywhere, need die from the horrors of addiction
ID of those present: Peter T, John, Kris, Jo M (GC PR Chair), Peter B (Strathpine), Leah, Leanne, Tori Apologies: Justin, Dan, Ally
1. Brief introduction on the principles/goals of PR
2. Inventory of current PR in Northern Australia area.
3. What actions can be taken so that addicts may hear/read the message of recovery in NA?
4. Role of the GSFs? What actions can they take?
5. What can be achieved long term?
6. Connection to Australian Region?
7. Date of next meeting?
8. What can be achieved prior to the next meeting?
1. PR principles/goals
NA message: “….. that an addict, any addict can stop using drugs, lose the desire to use and find a new way to live”
“Our relations with the public enable us to share this message broadly so that addicts can find us”

“Strong relationships with the public makes it possible for more addicts to have the opportunity to experience freedom from active addiction” (P.2)
“The actions we take in forming relationships with the public can have a profound effect on whether or not addicts find NA e.g. cleaning a hall after a meeting, observing a venue’s regulations for use of a hall.” (P.3)
“Individual member’s experience is the best example of NA’s message (P.4)
2. Inventory of current PR services in Northern Australia
NA Hub
Purchase of 1000 business cards and donation of pamphlets via H and I.
Distribution of above to Darwin, Townsville, Rockhampton, Brisbane North, Ipswich and Inner City. Inner City and Townsville received pamphlets only.
Brisbane South PR Workgroup
– continue to visits places to ask permission to put up posters and offer business cards eg Logan council
– Able to respond to service commitments in the Beenleigh, Logan, Loganleigh areas. Difficulty in reaching Victoria point, Capalaba, Ipswich
– The PR group meets once a month (4 consistent members). Next meeting Sat 26th June, 1pm in McDonalds
– Purchase of T shirts promoting NA PR for 4 members which they will wear when visiting facilities.
– Members are designing rods to hang banners
– Krissy has had contact with QR. QR do not want
us to hang banners at railway stations for safety
– They have an upcoming event in September
(Tattoo expo) of which they will be a part. Brisbane North
– Caboolture and Redcliffe ATODS and Caboolture

Hospital Mental Health have plenty of NA material – Ferny Grove Police station took approx. 6 posters – Redcliffe Police have requested business cards
– Police have been very supportive of our
approaches re posters.
– New H and I commencing at Lives Well Lived At
Caboolture in July Ipswich
– Requested and received posters and business cards
– Requested and received posters and business
cards Darwin
– Requested and received posters and business cards
Townsville – Requested and received business cards
Brisbane Inner City – Received posters
– Phoneline log is on the website and the contact
details are included of the addict/professional. This goes to the RCM and it would be preferable if this was passed to the PR group as well. Some areas are already receiving this information e.g Townsville, Cairns, Darwin, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast
– The phoneline has been updated and is constantly revised for new listings.
– SMS options have also been added
Gold Coast
Places visited:
Coomera police station
Coomera TAFE
Palm Beach police station Salvos Elanora
Chemist Palm Beach Elanora library
AODs Palm Beach

Police station parkwood
Mermaid methadone clinic
Broadbeach police station
Burleigh corrections
Headspace Upper Coomera
Banners – Southport Carey Park, Benowa Netball Courts, the Pines Shopping Centre Elanora.
Coolangatta library
Dayhab Coolangatta
Lives Lived Well at Burleigh Heads Burleigh Waters Library
Burleigh Heads Library
Currumbin clinic
QUIHN Burleigh
Nerang police station
Nerang library
Southport health precinct
QUIHHN Southport
Southport probation and parole Southport police station
Attended H&I subcommittee meeting last Tuesday 15/6/21 with H & I chair. About 4 of us attended.
Also hosted World PR Day on Sunday 6/6 at 11am at Burleigh Heads. About 6 people attended in total. The day was a success. We did some role play scenarios about what it’s like when members interface with any of those public places that could use NA’s services.
We also sorted out a strategy and a game plan for how we plan to canvass all of those locations across the Gold Coast or anywhere where NA interfaces with the public.
– Jo also mentioned that there was ‘no problem’ with Methadone Clinics. cooperating with the placement of NA posters, although some chemists denied our offers.
– Contact was made with Region regarding access to the Phoneline log. (Bruce has mentioned in previous minutes that the Phoneline log is sent to all RCMs. RCMs will need to pass to PR reps.)
– All Phoneline volunteers are reminded to log their calls.
3. Possible Actions
– Contact and posters/business card placement at police stations, railway stations, bus shelters, pharmacies, doctor’s surgeries, needle exchange, drop in centres, neighbourhood centres, employment agencies, locals schools, shopping centres,
Health Dept., Education Dept. hospitals, mental health units, detox/rehab centres,

Probation/parole offices, gaols/correctional centres, councils
– Leah suggested starting an Inner City PR group. Peter B is joining along with Kian.
– Their first meeting will be Wed 23 June at MK Café in New Farm.
– Kian had expressed an interest in visiting Backpacker places. The local council and libraries would also be possibilities.
– Krissy invited Leah to attend the Brisbane South meeting on June 26th at 1pm at McDonalds in Beenleigh. (Check details on the website)
4. Role of GSFs
Reminder : GSFs are encouraged to make contact with a facility/surgery/ in their area and explore the possibility of the placement of posters and business cards.
An email has been sent to all GSFs suggesting the above.
Along with posters a copy of the Do’s and Don’t’s of PR work has been sent to the GSFs.
This is found on the NA website.
Make suggestions to the PR Hub re community presentations.
A suggestion was made that there may be a central organisation that has this information eg Biala. John to follow up.
GSFs can also stay abreast of local events involving Alcohol and Drug awareness presentations. eg Lions clubs, local Drug and Alcohol services
Krissy suggested having a ‘table’ designed for such presentations with literature and a cloth/banner covering.
5. Long term goals
NA presentations to courses at university in nurse education, teacher education and justice (policing)

Presentations to schools – possible controversy in school presentations re suitability of minors to hear a NA share.
Discussion went to the need to address the:
– Choice/suitability of the particular addict who is sharing and general chat on what/how to share.
– Education of the student cohort in NA prior to the member visit eg NA is a program of abstinence from all drugs, narcotics refers to all drugs in NA
– male/female to share
– Suggest presentation to Yr. 11/12 students
– Awareness around students possibly viewing that
they may have many years left of using, given
that the people sharing are recovering addicts – Basically, presentations need to be done sensitively and in consultation with staff
Community presentations
See previous writing in these minutes.
Peter B suggested that parents, in particular, may not know where to turn, to help addict children. Possibility of NA presentations to the public.
Discussion went to Krissy and Tim’s experience with a presentation in Rockhampton at an “Ice Summit” and a personal meeting with Anna Bligh (possibly some years ago). Anna Bligh had mentioned in a press conference that her one hope was that people could find recovery and recovery was possible. This was very heartening for NA to hear our language being used by the Premier and pleasing from an NA PR perspective.
Check whether the above have our details.
John to follow up with Lifeline. GSFs with Councils.
6. Connection to Aust. Region
In Queensland, QR doesn’t wish for us to have banner placement at railway stations. (from Brisbane South) Recent happenings:
• The NA phoneline had a request from a Courier Mail
reporter to sit in on a meeting and gather information
for a story on cocaine use in Australia.
The message was passed to the Northern Australia Board and then to the PR Hub.
After input from the Board, PR Regional and OCM’s, we

decided to deny the reporter the opportunity to sit in a meeting as it contravened one of our major principles which is anonymity.
There is a possibility to interview a member; however, the member must be well versed and practised in the Traditions. She stressed it would be anonymous.
One of the thoughts from members were once a reporter is allowed in to a meeting or as an interview we have lost control over the content being printed.
Another thought was that ‘cocaine use in Australia’ is an outside issue for which we have no opinion. This was clearly articulated by an OCM and vindicated the original decision by the Board and PR Chair Regional.
I passed on to her information on the program eg program of complete abstinence from all drugs, program is based on treating addiction not just one drug and we work from a self help model of one addict helping another.
She was thanked for at least asking to attend a meeting • ARSC is going to put a message on our website,
giving info to groups and reporters on our position on
this matter. It should be there in about 4 – 6 weeks • ARSC in conjunction with the FSO are investigating
the possibility of printing business cards, banners, posters etc.
7. Next meeting
Sunday, Ist August 2021, Zoom, 9 – 11am
8. Actions before next meeting
Investigate community organisations which may be
open to NA presentations.(all GSFs to follow up)
Split Brisbane South to 2 areas? (Krissy to raise with GSF and John to raise with Board)
Investigate up and coming events in Drug and Alcohol area.(John to ask Biala and Qld Health)
Displays (tables) at events (Krissy). See previous notes in these minutes.
Lifeline (John to contact re NA information/resources)
View Global PR Facebook page

Feedback of meeting
Good meeting, covered a lot of topics Informative in finding out was else is happening A good group discussion
Grateful to the OCMs with plenty of years of area
Personal reflection of Krissy and PT’s connection
through area service
Joe’s team on the Gold Coast was acknowledged for
their volume of service.
Comment of “many heads are better than one” was
echoed by a number of people
Members were thanked for attending PT was thanked for facilitating.
Meeting closed 10.50am

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