Brisbane North GSF minutes

Welcome members to Brisbane Northside Group Service Forum for Narcotics Anonymous.


The service prayer – God, grant us the knowledge that we may act according to your divine precepts. Instil in us a sense of your purpose, make us servants of your will and grant us a bond of selflessness that this may truly be your work, not ours, so that no addict, anywhere, need die from the horrors of addiction.

Around the room ID check. Alan, Rose, Peter, Justin, John, Ally, Sky

Any apologies? Brad, Paul

A reading of a vision for NA Service – one of the Concepts to be read. A volunteer to read?

Minute taker for today? John

Old business

Revision of the last GSF meeting. Minute taker to read out last meeting’s minutes. Acceptance or revision of minutes? (Seconder called for)
BBQ was a success. Minutes seconded by Justin
Meeting Minutes GSF – 2021

b) Any updates from individual groups from previous GSF discussions? None
New business –
a) Reports from groups –
Caboolture Sunday – $43.47 in funds, rent paid, literature in stock, regular attendance of 10 people, no fund flow, service positions vacant

Caboolture Friday – $60 in funds, rent paid until 19/11, $200 to area, literature in stock, service positions filled

Caboolture Saturday – folded Sept 2021

Sandgate – 20-30 people in attendance, rent paid, most positions filled, GSR position
vacant literature in stock, propose to fund flow

Redcliffe – good attendance, $139.89 in funds, 3 month’s rent paid in advance, fund flowed, service positions filled, literature in stock

Deception Bay – $213 in funds which will be used to pay rent to December, 10 – 25 in attendance

Strathpine – $260 in funds, $113 from ex treasurer which was sent to NA main account, NA sub account set up, literature in stock, propose to fund flow, new treasurer

Ningi – 5 – 10 in attendance, service positions filled, $97.40 in funds, rent paid b) Agenda.

Discussion of agenda items.

PR – Brisbane Northside PR had their first meeting on 16th August 2021
– Next meeting Monday 27th Sept, 6-7pm at Strathpine. Also available via Zoom
– Groups asked to promote PR at the end of the meeting. John (0438 168 460) Peter B (Strathpine and Paul S (Deception Bay) as contacts.
– PR in the area – NA has made contact with CFMMEU and proposed presentation.
NA has made contact with Telstra. Discussion ongoing re proposal to place posters in phone booths.

Activities group – Justin proposed formation of an Activities’ group. Its ultimate goal would be to promote NA unity in the area. He has experience in this area.
– Proposals:
– The group would need a Coordinator, Secretary and Treasurer.
– Board could fund upfront payment if proposal is detailed and then the group could repay with admission fees from addicts OR may be possibility of Board providing some funding outright
– Clean time is suggested for positions and particularly for the treasurer
– Brisbane North Activities Group is proposed name
– Groups asked to ask people at the end of meetings if they are interested in participating in this service opportunity. Contact Justin 0487 640 086

– Next BBQ – Sunday 28th November
– Justin to attend at 8am to claim tables

c) Any other items/issues, not on the agenda, that attending members wish to discuss? None

9. Date for the next GSF meeting?
Monday 25th October

Hybrid meeting. Peter to organize Zoom link. Meet at Strathpine at 6 – 7pm 10.
Volunteer for facilitator/secretary for the next GSF meeting?
Facilitator – Alan

Secretary – Peter

11. Are there any NA related announcements?
12. Thanks to members for their service and attendance.
13. Close meeting with the serenity prayer in the plural.
God, grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, The courage to change the things we can,
And the wisdom to know the difference.

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