Northern Australia PR minutes 1/8/21

Northern Australia PR MEETING MINUTES 1st August 2021

Chair’s welcome
Service prayer

God, grant us the knowledge that we may act according to your divine precepts. Instil in us a sense of your purpose. Make us servants of your will and grant us a bondage of selflessness, that this may truly be your work, not ours – in order that no addict, anywhere, need die from the horrors of addiction

ID of those present: John, Kris, Ally, Peter, Leah
Apologies: PT, JJ, Kian, Jo M (Gold Coast)

1. Brief introduction on the principles of PR
2. Inventory of current PR in Northern Australia area.
3. What can be done to attract members to PR in the GSFs?
4. What can be achieved long term generally?
5. Connection to Australian Region?
6. Date of next meeting?
7. What can be achieved prior to the next meeting?
8. Evaluation
9. Serenity Prayer in the plural


PR principles/goals
The Narcotics Anonymous message is “that an addict, any addict, can stop using drugs, lose the desire to use and find a new way to live.” Our relations with the public enable us to share this message broadly so that those who might benefit from our program of recovery can find us. We perform public relations service to increase the awareness and credibility of the NA program. We share our message openly with the public at large, with prospective members, and with professionals. Maintaining an open, attractive attitude in these efforts helps us to create and improve relationships with those outside the fellowship. Establishing and maintaining a commitment to these relationships, can help us to further our primary purpose.
The spiritual principles of our steps, traditions, and concepts guide us in pursuing our public relations aims and our efforts to enhance NA’s public image and reputation. These principles apply to our community and service efforts as well as to the personal behavior and attitude of individual NA members.

Inventory of current PR in Northern Australia area

. Phoneline:

NDIS provider from Gladstone enquired about her client wanting a sponsor. She was directed to a meeting in Gladstone and the Outreach program in NA.

● Micah Projects from Roma House enquired about possible NA presentations on a weekly basis. I rang back but have not made contact with the coordinator as yet. John to follow up
NA information in organisations (NA currency on websites):
The following organisations have NA currency on their websites as at July 2021

Qld Health

ADIS (part of Biala)


● Lions Club – preferred to have our postal address, so that they could notify us if
the need arose

South Brisbane
– Have meeting on 28th August in Maccas Community Room, George St, Beenleigh. Peter M is sharing on how to present a PR presentation.
– There are 6 new members
– New members have been ‘inducted” in to PR with pamphlets and guidance from
members e.g know the process of placing posters in institutions etc

– Posters have been placed at Capalaba, Redlands, Victoria Point, Logan (JP office)
– Some banners have been hung and they are taken down after 2 days.
– They have a messenger page through which they communicate.
– Pamphlets which are an excellent resource “A resource in our community”, “PR
Basics” available from the FSO.
– Enquiries made at a community radio station about NA advertisement.
Inner Brisbane
– Have had a meeting and are looking at visiting police stations, pharmacies etc
– Have visited Biala
Early days

Brisbane North
– Members are keen to get a group started.
Discussion at next GSF

3. What can be done to attract members to PR in the GSFs?

A few points were made:
– Announcing activities at meetings
– Reminder that this is voluntary
– Personal recruitment is effective
– Hold meeting around GSF time
– A group needs about 3/5 people to get things done
– Messenger group is also another means of communication to foster a group

4. Long term goals
– Refer to previous minutes (don’t wish to lose sight of previous discussions)
Peter M presentation at Beenleigh on August 28th

5. Connection to Aust. Region

A member was asked to appear on a Channel 10 show (Lifestyle morning type of show) to talk about her experience in serving the homeless through a charity called “The Good Box”. She wanted to mention the role that NA had played in her life.
After consultation with the Regional Chair and info in the PR Booklet on Media, it was advised that she mention that she was in recovery in a 12 Step fellowship OR just state that she was in recovery. She could also share about her experience with service and sponsorship.
It was also advised that she could ask the show which questions would be asked and she could then practise her answers.

– Peter M (Regional Chair) presentation at Beenleigh on August 28th
6. Next meeting

Sunday 12th September, 9-11am

7. Actions before next meeting
– Ordering of pamphlets from FSO – John
– Ordering of posters (big blue ones + woman+ Indigenous) – large and 1⁄2 size – John
Funding for Nicole – Leah and John

8. Evaluation

Overall consensus was that it was a good meeting and people are excited about upcoming area involvement e.g Inner City (Leah)
felt better after the meeting than before, which is a healthy sign Very good teamwork

9. Serenity Prayer in the plural

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