NA Northern Australia Service Board Meeting minutes 07/09/2021

NA Northern Australia Service Board Meeting minutes

Location:  Virtual Zoom
Meeting ID: 818 6344 9106
Pass code 681794
Meeting Link
Date:   07/09/2021
Time:   6:30 pm
Facilitator:  Brad
Minutes: Sami
Attendees: Sami; Brad; John C; Michael B;
Apologies: Jason;

1.1. Chair’s welcome.
1.2. Service prayer:
God, grant us the knowledge that we may act according to your divine precepts. Instill in us a sense of your purpose. Make us servants of your will and grant us a bondage of selflessness, that this may truly be your work, not ours – in order that no addict, anywhere, need die from the horrors of addiction.
1.3. ID of those present
1.4. Apologies.

2.1. RCM
2.1.1. Discussion around the service board applying for an ABN

2.2. Treasurer
2.2.1. Report can be found on the website;

2.3. H & I Hub
2.3.1. Nothing to report at this stage

2.4. LSC Tasks and Planning
2.4.1. Discussion on the last LSC

2.5. PR
2.5.1. RSCM looking at the development in NA of PR
2.5.2. Brisbane North has started a PR group; have had 1 meeting so far and plan to meet again in
2.5.3. Lost inner City PR group; all positions are open;
2.5.4. Distribution of PR pamphlets to Sami from Townsville; Bob B from Harvey Bay; Matt from Darwin; Bernard from Alice Springs;
2.5.5. John has had contact with Telstra about putting posters into their phone booths with the number being toll free; Telstra are still looking at the proposal; perfect place to advertiser and it is cost free;

2.6. Website / Outreach

2.7. Board enquiries and contacts – email/ mail / etc.
2.7.1. Emails:
From: Re:
John C. PR meeting agenda 1/8/2021
John C. Amendment to draft agenda for board meeting
Square FSO – finish creating square account
Meredith Amendments to board minutes
John C. LSC speakers
John C. PR meeting
Morning Miracles Speaker Jam Flyer
Leah C. Resignation from board
Brisbane Inner City GSF Group report
Various In relation to planning the LSC
Webservant Zoom link for next board meeting
John L. Apologies from Cairns rep for LSC
Brad N. Minutes from LSC
Brad N. Agenda for board meeting
Jason T. Amendment to zoom link for board meeting

2.7.2. No regular mail to report

2.8. New Items
2.8.1. No new items

3.1. Next meeting Monday 27th September at 6.30pm

3.2. Serenity prayer in the plural:
God, grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change. The courage to change the things we can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

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