Brisbane Bayside GSF Meeting Minutes – 20/08/2022

Brisbane Bayside Group Support Forum Minutes
Saturday 20th August 2022 @ 12pm
Venue: Anglican Church Alexandra Hills – Corner of Windemere Rd & Newhaven St, Alexandra Hills QLD 4161
Facilitator: Nicole
Secretary: Amy

1. Opening with NA Service Prayer

2. Reading of the Vision for NA Service – group read

3. Reading of “12 Concepts for NA Service” – group read

4. Attendance of participants (Name, Homegroup)

Nicole O – Alexandra Hills, “Serenity on Saturday”, 5:30pm

Syrah K – Alexandra Hills, “Living in the Solution”, Monday, 6:45pm

Amy L – Cleveland, Friday, 7:00pm, (proxy: Victoria Point, Wednesday, 6pm)

JJ – Wynnum, Thursday, 7:00pm

Archer – Alexandra Hills, “Living in the Solution”, Monday, 6:45pm

Natalie – Alexandra Hills, “Living in the Solution”, Monday, 6:45pm & Wynnum, Thursday, 7:00pm

Holly – (homegroup: outside of Brisbane Bayside)

Senga – Wynnum, Thursday, 7:00pm




Michael B


5. Group Reports

Alexandra Hills, “Serenity on Saturday”, 5:30pm – Syrah

-Rent paid to date ($87 in prudent reserve)

-11 home group members

-all service positions filled

-now have the literature / brochures stand from a previously closed meeting

Victoria Point, Wednesday, 6pm (proxy report by Amy)

-unable to comment on exact financials, but no issues – rent paid to date

-approx. 4 home group members

Cleveland, Friday, 7:00pm – Amy

-Rent just up to date (one month in areas agreement)

-recently had an issue with the key not being present in the key safe, agreement by Redland’s City Council to not charge 1 week’s rent

-Need to look for new venue ASAP

Wynnum, Thursday, 7:00pm – JJ

-rent up to date

-literature order completed recently

-recently fund flowed with prudent reserve held

-approx. 10 home group members

-have been have consistent fellowship dinners prior to the meeting

-have had issues with the landlord due to not disposing of cigarette butts appropriately and respectfully of the venue

Alexandra Hills, “Serenity on Saturday”, 5:30pm – Nicole

-rent up to date ($50 per month)

-a recent new homegroup member chaired a meeting and there has been lots of positive comments after this – this was facilitated and such a positive experience as mentorship was provided to this member prior to chairing

-also experiencing issues with the appropriated and respectful disposal of cigarette butts

-noted that a combined literature order had recently been completed with Victoria Point and Cleveland meetings to reduce postage costs

Group consensus – For discussion at next group consciences:

  • Cigarette butt disposal: all meetings to have an appropriate ash tray available, speak up and clean up if you see butts thrown on the ground
  • Ensuring support and mentorship is provided to any member chairing a meeting for the first time
  • Ensuring support and mentoring is provided to any members moving into new service positions within the homegroup


6. Meeting Preambles

Consensus by all members present to take back to their homegroups.

-Review of preamble wording and inclusion if required

-Ensuring understanding and following of what is written in your group’s preamble. For example, if your groups preamble includes the wording “if you didn’t get asked to share this week, keep coming back, you will be asked to share next week”. The chair needs to review the attendance list from the previous week and meet this statement and agreement where at all possible.


7. GSF Kit

Needs to include:

-Agenda template

-GSF Basic

-Vision for NA service

-Service prayer

Group consensus that Nicole will look after this, arranging what is required, and laminating printing etc. If costs incurred these will be shared across the groups.


8. Upcoming Events

Many upcoming events discussed.

Refer to: for further details


9. Items tabled for discussion at next Bayside GSF meeting

-Literature Group: arrangements for combining literature orders to minimise postage costs

-Discussion of home group service positions: what they are and what they entail

10. Information To Be Shared
–Bank Account Details for fund flow:
Account name: NA Northern Australia Service Area
BSB: 034 026
Account: 574497
Description: Meeting reference*
* It is suggested you use your meeting details in the transaction reference – Day, location, meeting name.

– Events/Service Events Website:

– Where to post the GSF minutes / Next GSF date:
NA Northern Australia Service Area Website

11. Next GSF details:
Saturday 17th September 2022

Since changed: Saturday 24th September 2022 (due to Northern NSW Convention)


Victoria Point Uniting Church – 13-15 Point O’Halloran Rd, Victoria Point QLD 4165

12. Evaluations
Round the table commentary from all involved.

Included: good, quick (good), hopeful, great discussion, love having new members present and stepping into service, would like to see all GSR’s or specific alternates / proxy’s present from all meetings, grateful, part of, informed and learning, inclusion, interesting, a lot of input, very productive, enjoyed group curiosity and finding solutions, carrying the message of NA service, and service keeping you clean.

13. Close meeting with Serenity Prayer in Plural

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