Brisbane Bayside Group Support Forum Minutes – 24/09/2022

Brisbane Bayside Group Support Forum Minutes
Saturday 24th September 2022
Venue: Victoria Point Uniting Church, 13-15 Point O’Halloran Rd, Victoria point QLD 4165
Facilitator: Gretel
Secretary: Amy

1. Opening with NA Service Prayer – Syrah

2. Reading of the Vision for NA Service – group read

3. Reading of “12 Concepts for NA Service” – group read

4. Attendance of participants (Name, Homegroup)
Gretel – Victoria Point, Wednesday 6:00pm

Karma – Wynnum, Thursday, 7:00pm

Natalie – Alexandra Hills, “Living in the Solution”, Monday, 6:45pm & Wynnum, Thursday, 7:00pm

Syrah – Alexandra Hills, “Living in the Solution”, Monday, 6:45pm

Adam – no home group
Amy– Cleveland, Friday, 7:00pm, (proxy: Victoria Point, Wednesday, 6pm)
Brett – Victoria Point, Wednesday 6:00pm


JJ, Nicole, Sanga, Lee & Holly

5. Group Reports

Victoria Point, Wednesday, 6pm – Brett

-financial, rent a month in advance and $40 in reserve

-good meeting attendance

Wynnum, Thursday, 7:00pm – Karma

-have had a few new home group members recently

-still consistently having fellowship dinners prior to the meeting

 Alexandra Hills, “Serenity on Saturday”, 5:30pm – Syrah

-rent paid to date

-meeting attendance is approx. 15/week

-have had more new home group members and made sure that all home group members hold service positions

-financial and have ample stock of literature and keytags

Cleveland, Friday, 7:00pm – Amy

-meeting in current venue is not financial and will be moved to new venue: Uniting Church Cleveland (hall behind), 36 Passage St, Cleveland QLD 4163. Starting next meeting, Friday 30/09/2022.

Alexandra Hills, “Serenity on Saturday”, 5:30pm – N/A

-no members present to provide update

6. Discussion point: Meeting preambles

-each group is to function autonomously – review preambles at groups discretion and change anything upon group decision

-ensure you are reviewing who shared the previous weeks, to attempt to ask people who did not get to share, to share the following week

-if the 7th collection is disrupting the meeting, consider changing when it the meeting this occurs, there is nothing stipulating it must be collected at the end of the meeting

-consider who is consistently opening and closing meeting speaker, this can sometimes be tiresome if it is the same people all the time

-a home group activity could be reviewing the group sections in the guiding principles literature

7. Discussion point: Group literature orders

-all groups are to ensure that the 5 literature service positions know who each other are

-suggestion that if any group is going to complete a literature order they reach out to the other group’s literature representative, to combine orders to save on postage

8. Discussion point: Workshops

-discussed that there are many workshops already prepared for groups to use / refer to, these can all be found at the below site.


 9. Upcoming Events

-Bayside’s first unity day is confirmed for 26th November 2022

Many upcoming events discussed.

Refer to: for further details

10. Information To Be Shared

-Treasurer’s Handbook: can be purchased as literature for $4.50 (2012 version)
–Bank Account Details for fund flow:
Account name: NA Northern Australia Service Area
BSB: 034 026
Account: 574497
Description: Meeting reference*
* It is suggested you use your meeting details in the transaction reference – Day, location, meeting name.

– Events/Service Events Website:

– Where to post the GSF minutes / Next GSF date:
NA Northern Australia Service Area Website

11. Next GSF details:
Saturday 22nd October 2022

Alexandra Hills – Church of Christ, 51 Allenby Rd, Alexandra Hills QLD 4161 @ 3:00pm12.

12. Evaluations
Round the table commentary from all involved.

Karma – informative

Natalie – content

Syrah – useful

Adam – bamboozled

Amy – connected

Brett – harmonious

Gretel – productive

13. Close meeting with Serenity Prayer in Plural


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