NA Northern Australia Service Board Meeting minutes held 31/10/22

NA Northern Australia Service Board Meeting minutes

Location:  Virtual Zoom
Meeting ID: 487 569 8440
Pass code 865364
Meeting Link
Date:  31st October, 2022
Time:  6:30 pm
Facilitator:  John C;
Minutes: Sami
Attendees: Brad; Sami; Michael B; John C; Meredith; Nate
Apologies: Jason

1.1. Chair’s welcome.
1.2. Service prayer:
God, grant us the knowledge that we may act according to your divine precepts. Instill in us a sense of your purpose. Make us servants of your will and grant us a bondage of selflessness, that this may truly be your work, not ours – in order that no addict, anywhere, need die from the horrors of addiction.
1.3. Acknowledgement of Country
Today we stand in footsteps millennia old. May we acknowledge the traditional owners whose cultures and customs have nurtured, and continue to nurture, this land, since men and women awoke from the great dream. We honour the presence of these ancestors who reside in the imagination of this land and whose irrepressible spirituality flows through all creation.
1.4. ID of those present
1.5. Apologies.

2.1. RCM
2.1.1. Member in Mackay reported that their two meetings are not on the Queensland list of meetings; it is listed on the national meetings list; Brad will contact the IT sub-committee;
2.1.2. Brad requested to be reimbursed for expenses from the RCM; Brad to email them to Michael who will attend to it;
2.1.3. Region is coming up again at the beginning of December; Brad requested reports be forward to him prior to November 26th to assist him in preparing his report;

2.2. Treasurer
2.2.1. Reports are posted on the web
2.2.2. Accounts are looking healthy; will look at doing a fund flow prior to the next RCM
2.2.3. Old bank accounts have now been closed
2.2.4. Darwin have started to use their sub-accounts; has had another request but doesn’t have one spare;
2.2.5. It was agreed that another two sub-accounts be opened;

2.3. H & I Hub
2.3.1. Good progress with Prince Charles Mental Health; meetings will start on 15th November; John is using people from the Cabolture roster for the time being; John and Meredith will do the first meeting;
2.3.2. Meredith sent out the format requesting interest from members to be on a roster for H&I; clean time requirement is two years for a secure facility;
2.3.3. Cabolture roster is going well; roster ends on December 6th; John is looking to pass the roster off to someone else shortly;
2.3.4. Ally is looking after the Lives Lived Well roster; once a fortnight and is going well;
2.3.5. Moonyah is back on track now; there was a couple of weeks that they didn’t have enough staff to facilitate it; roster is going alright; need more women for the roster;
2.3.6. BWCC meetings have been suspended as of September as there are not enough women with sufficient clean time to maintain the roster;
2.3.7. Meredith will make enquiries regarding covid and the need to be vaccinated as there are members that aren’t vaccinated who could be on the roster;
2.3.8. All rosters need more members, especially women; board members are to announce at meetings;
2.3.9. SQCC and Helena Jones only have Meredith on the roster;
2.3.10. Meredith and Sami have a virtual visit with the Townsville prison next week to discuss taking NA meetings into the prison; Sami has the names of several people who are interested in being on the roster
2.3.11. Meredith to contact Bailey Henderson Hospital to determine if there is a need for NA meetings;

2.4. LSC – Strategic Group Service Planning
2.4.1. Discussion held around facilitating a meeting and group conscious; board members to be available to assist groups; the importance of understanding our traditions and having conversations around that;
2.4.2. board members to implement with their home groups; Page 11 of the Group Booklet has a list of items that should be addressed at a group conscious;
2.4.3. Nate will draft up a flyer that we can distribute (Facebook; send out with NA Today; website; mail to GSF)

2.5. PR
2.5.1. John received contact details for a charity that is putting on an event for homeless and have requested that we have a table; John plans to attend;
2.5.2. Brisbane North is combining the GSF and PR meetings; this is to be trialed; the next meeting will be 21st November;
2.5.3. No feedback from PR packs that were handed out at the speaker jams;
2.5.4. Region wants to establish a social media PR group; anyone interested in getting involved can contact the Alt RCM delegate

2.6. Website / Outreach
2.6.1. Nothing to report

2.7. Board enquiries and contacts – email/ mail / etc.
2.7.1. Emails:

From: Re:
Microsoft Support Admin adding email
John C. Reply to Minutes
John C. Zoom link for Brisbane North GSF
H&I Board meeting to work through Group Booklet
Jason Receipt for Zoom
Webservant GSR report rainbow meeting
Michael B. Reply to board meeting to work through group booklet
Jason Reply re SurveyMonkey email
Australia Post Mail awaiting
NA (RCM) Shared minutes
Australia Post Mail awaiting
Jason Rolling off board service
Jason Apology for Board meeting

2.7.2. Mail:

2.8. New Items
2.8.1. hand-over and roll off activities for Jason; Jason will prepare run sheets and teach Sami how to monitor the email and create zoom meetings; Sami will take over the responsibility of setting up zoom meetings and monitoring the web servant email; Sami to ask Jason who he would recommend to take over the website update from the IT committee;
2.8.2. Sami to check who is on the board distribution email list and make sure it is current members only;


Item to be actioned Person Responsible Due Date Status
Website update Jason & Sami TBA Ongoing
Newcomer banners Meredith Next Board Meeting In progress
Need for a literature coordinator Meredith TBA Ongoing
Recruit more board members Everyone TBA Ongoing

4.1. Next meeting: 28th November, 2022 at 6.30pm
4.2. Serenity prayer in the plural:
God, grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change. The courage to change the things we can, and the wisdom to know the difference.


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