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CAIRNS GSF 1/6/19 3.30 PM. Meeting opened 3.30 pm Facilitated by Hamish, Tony minute taker Present Hamish, Danni , Ange, Tony ,Charly, Krishna. Friday & Saturday night venue 10 Thomas st nth cairns . Venue now owned by another operator .   The 29/6/19 will be the final meeting at this venue unless negotiations are successful, […]

BRIEF REPORT ARSC NOV 2018. 1) Recommended all groups / areas keep pushing the NAWS survey for 2018. 2) Vision of service banners, 1m x 1 m cost $17.00 vinyl. Any groups / areas GSF’s want one… I’ll source photos. This is to go back to groups. 3) Spiritual Principal a day book. Which is […]

Cairns GSF – Saturday 6 October

Cairns GSF – Saturday 6 October 3:30pm at Thomas Street Attendees; Damon – Mens, Krishna – Sat, Tony – Tues, Kingsley – Fri, Ange – Thurs, Hamish – Observer Opening prayer Agenda: • Cairns Groups Tuesday meeting going well Friday struggling. One member. Needs Treasurer. Meetings consider ask for group members if they want members. […]


GSF – Saturday 11 August, 3:30pm at Thomas Street. Attendees: All Cairns groups represented; Damon, Neville, Krishna, Tony, Billy, Kingsley Opening prayer Agenda: 1. National telephone number is live – news and information 1300 652 820 or 0488 811 247 We decided that our number, 07 4054 3483, will be kept for another 6 months […]

Letter to Corrections… NB: needs to be on NA letterhead.

  To Whom It May Concern: NA is a fellowship of men and women who meet regularly to help each other stay clean. We are a global fellowship based on total abstinence from all drugs including alcohol. We have regularly scheduled meetings in most communities in accessible locations. That is where “The therapeutic value of […]

Communication Doc. Board email

February 2018 Greater Queensland Service Board email procedure     This document attempts to out line the function of the Greater Queensland Service Board email communication via a central email address.   The first thing to say is that marrying the technology available to the philosophical requirements outlined by the board was not a seamless […]

GQ Service Board Minutes May 2018

Date:                 4th June 2018 Time:                7:32pm  Facilitator:        Tony Minutes:           Mus   Attendees:         Nick, PT, Nathanael, JoyMaree, Tony, Cameron, Jenny, Sonia, Brendan,                                             Mustafa, Patrick   Apologies:         Ghemma   Housekeeping:   Meeting Protocol Service Prayer Meeting taker agreed upon   Meeting purpose is to discuss Forward Planning Action plan framework from recent Greater Queensland Local Service […]