RSC Brief report

BRIEF REPORT FROM ARSC MARCH 2019 TO QLD BOARD. Points of interest. Victoria, which is using the new service system, has adopted that each GSF operate their own bank account. NA symbols used in printing must have the R (registered trademark) included. If we don’t use it we could lose it. Delay with literature from […]

New NA Service board members invited!

TheNA Service board support members and groups to carry the NA message across the Greater QLD and Northern Territory. If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of, then contact the board by email or come along to our next Skype meeting. The board meets at 7:30pm via Skype, the first […]

NA QLD Service Board Report @ Nov. 2018

BOARD REPORT –  November 2018 On the 11th of November 2017 the LSC selected 13 members to be part of the inaugural Local Service Board of NA Queensland. Board Operations: The Local Service Board is currently comprised of 9 members, we have lost Board members who represented Townsville, Rockhampton, and Toowoomba since the last Local […]

BOQ NA QLD Bank Statement