BRIEF REPORT ARSC NOV 2018. 1) Recommended all groups / areas keep pushing the NAWS survey for 2018. 2) Vision of service banners, 1m x 1 m cost $17.00 vinyl. Any groups / areas GSF’s want one… I’ll source photos. This is to go back to groups. 3) Spiritual Principal a day book. Which is […]

NA QLD Service Board Report @ Nov. 2018

BOARD REPORT –  November 2018 On the 11th of November 2017 the LSC selected 13 members to be part of the inaugural Local Service Board of NA Queensland. Board Operations: The Local Service Board is currently comprised of 9 members, we have lost Board members who represented Townsville, Rockhampton, and Toowoomba since the last Local […]

Cairns GSF agenda & minutes. 7/4/18

CAIRNS GSF 7/4/18 3.30 PM AT GIRL GUIDE HALL BEFORE SAT MEETING.   AGENDA ITEMS.   1 To decide on GSF delegate to represent Cairns at the LSC on 26&27/5/18 in Lawnton.   2 FUND FLOW… HOW TO RAISE AWARENESS. This is from the board in an effort to have a QLD area wide conversation […]

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