10 January 2022

Restrictions Around Coronavirus

The evolving COVID19 and its restrictions in Queensland continues to bring with it changes and questions for how we run NA meetings. Current restrictions include:

  • Seating 1 person per 2 square metres;
    • If an unvaccinated person attends venue, then there is a limit of 20 people or a space of 4sq metre/person needs to be adhered to.
  • Physical distancing;
  • Wearing a mask if physical distancing isn’t possible;
  • Cleaning equipment before and after use; and
  • Sanitising hands regularly, etc.

Additionally, many venues have provided QR check-in codes which members are required to use to sign in when attending a meeting. This is a legal requirement of our venues, and for those who hire the venues for use.

If you are not provided with a QR code, you should either create your own QR code or keep physical sign in sheets.

For more information please see:

Changes to restrictions

Changes on these restrictions are likely to be obvious in those places where they are not allowing access to unvaccinated people. Currently, this does not include churches or community meeting rooms, which means those who use these venues will run meetings following the usual restrictions.

However, it is essential to check with your venue and comply with their requirements. You can see the list of places which require proof of full vaccination here:

What does this mean for your meeting?

  • Stay home if feeling unwell;
  • Keep physical distancing, check-ins, cleaning, sanitising hands, masks if needed; and
  • Check with your venue about any possible changes to your restrictions.

Keeping these restrictions going will prepare you for the increase in active cases of COVID in the community, including in your meeting.

If your venue requires you to restrict access to unvaccinated people:

Hold a group conscience to discuss whether you can successfully hold your meeting whilst meeting the requirement of the venue and still operating in line with the 12 Traditions of Narcotics Anonymous.

To help with this discussion, here are some discussion points:

  • Is checking vaccination status something your group is willing to do?
    • To save the need to check vaccination status, the group could just assume that at least one (1) member is unvaccinated and adhere to those rules.
      • 1 person per 4 square meters.
  • Could your group consider offering a hybrid meeting set up (face to face and zoom)?
  • Is moving to a different venue / outdoor venue possible?
  • Can you move your meeting fully online via zoom?

For access to Northern Australia’s Zoom account please check out:

To discuss further, please speak to your Group Support Forum (GSF) or email if you are unsure how to get in contact with your GSF.

Yours in service,

Northern Australia Service Board

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