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Central Queensland Narcotics Anonymous Group Support Forum 07/04/2018 Meeting start – 10:45am Facilitator- Mustafa (Mus) Minuets- Danette Attendees – Mus, Merv, Indy, Lorin, Sean, Lee, Shane, Stewey, Michael, Danette, Eric Apologies – Tammy, Nikki GSF commenced with a moment of silence followed by a general rundown of what a GSF is about. Did an I.D. […]


MINUTES…. 3/2/18 CAIRNS GSF MEETING Present. Ange, Hamish, Krishna, Tanya, Kingsley, Jan, Neville, Tony, Damon & Ben. Apologies… Fiona & Mark. Facilitator…Ange. Minute taker Tony. Meeting started at 3.30 pm. 1 Serenity prayer. 2. Service Prayer. 3.Approval of previous minutes 4. Any business arising from previous minutes? New Business 1 Phone line for Cairns. Discussion […]

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