Hybrid Meetings – An Option for Reopening Face to Face Meetings

With the gradual easing of Covid19 restrictions across Australia, some of our NA groups are reopening face to face meetings or are considering the viability of reopening face to face meetings in the near future.

States and Territories are in different stages of the easing of restrictions, and with the implementation of ‘’safe practice’’ directives there are still some venues not reopening yet, or who can only legally allow a limited number of attendees at the venue.

As such, many groups are choosing to run meetings in “Hybrid mode”. Hybrid meetings include both a physical presence and a virtual or online presence.

Just as the NA website transformed to support virtual meetings, we now have the capability to display meetings with both a physical and virtual presence for a meeting. Whether groups are returning to face to face format, running hybrid mode, or remaining online, we can accommodate your situation.

If groups need to update their meeting for any reason, (EG. Return to face to face, change of venue, hybrid meeting, meeting closure etc), please submit a meeting update and we will respond to your requests in a timely fashion.

Click on the “Meetings” Menu and select “Meeting Update Form” and choose the options that apply for the changes you’d like to make for your group.

How to find the Meeting Update Form

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