Meetings temporarily suspended due to CoronaVirus closures which have temporarily set up an online presence, should update their existing meeting using a regular Meeting Update Form and select the option to “Add online meeting link”.

We recommend that groups read our Online Meetings Guidelines before putting their meeting online.

Meeting Update Form

Before you add a "New meeting", please ensure that you have competed the checklist on the Starting a New Meeting page.

This form is also used to Update/Change meetings and Remove/Delete meetings which have closed.
Please complete the form we will contact you if we need to clarify any additional information.
Any personal information you provide will only be used to contact you in relation to this meeting update and will never be displayed publicly.

If you are requesting an update or change, please use the first half of the form to identify your current meeting details and the latter part to update whichever changes you require. Just fill in the changes you require.

If you chose "Other" in Reason for Update, explain here
(Optional) Room #, entrance, floor # etc
Add or remove formats as required

Only fill in the elements below which have changed

Add or remove formats as required
Please include all details including dialin numbers if available (Copy from your Zoom meeting schedule information)
Add this email as an internal contact email address for this group?
Please provide a group representative's number for this meeting so we can confirm details if necessary.
Please provide us with any relevant information relating to this meeting.
Starter Kit includes some paper banners and startup literature.