Ways of working steps. NA Today Nov.

Narcotics Anonymous offers freedom from drug addiction. Our message is that any addict can get clean from drugs and stay clean. Narcotics anonymous is a 12 step fellowship operating in Australia. We have 100’s of meetings where addicts can come to get clean all over the country. This edition explores the experience of our members working the steps of Narcotics Anonymous

NA TODAY November 2019 Low Res
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  1. Darryl O'Brien
    Darryl O'Brien says:

    You put my picture rotated 90 degrees on its side. Also, the site on my macbook is too big for my page, anyone else have that concern?

    • natoday
      natoday says:

      Hi Daryl,

      The Mag is designed not only for Web viewing but print version also (hence your image is 90 degrees). Can’t really help you with problems related to specific hardware, sorry. Will be sure to approve any comments that have solutions for you.

  2. webservant
    webservant says:

    Hi Darryl,

    Do the buttons at the bottom and top of the page help at all with your viewing issue?
    you can click the down arrow to download the magazine or the expand button to read it full screen.

    yours in service
    Bruce G


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