Online Meeting Update: The Covid19 pandemic has severely impacted our fellowship and has resulted in the forced temporary closure of many of our beloved meetings.  Pre-existing Online meetings have been stretched to capacity and new services have been stood up by groups and service bodies around the world.

Necessity is the mother of invention and there has been a proliferation of Fellowship Development related to the delivery of meetings by web, phone, and other virtual platforms.

The Australian Region has published some basic guidelines along with links to a number of these resources on our updated Online Meetings page.

We have updated our Meetings Update form with a field for an online meeting link for meetings that have needed to stand up a temporary online presence.

We have also created a new Online Meeting Update form for virtual meetings which are being created as new platforms which will also be displayed on

Our Meetings page has been updated with a searchable map and associated listing.  This update was required to allow us to display online meeting links within physical meeting listings.  We hope you like it.  In this time of social isolation, it’s more important than ever that we maintain our connections to our fellowship and each other.