Policy Subcommittee Member 

Snapshot of position: 

This position requires you to attend Subcommittee meetings as called by the Chair. The position involves reading and having skills in proofreading documents, with a high degree of literacy as a sought attribute. The role involves the writing of NA Policy, updating old Policy and reviewing Policy and Procedures relating to the ARSC and its’ Subcommittees functions.                                                                         

Computer skills required – email and Office 365 and an eye for detail.                                                         

You must have commitment and time to invest in NA to fulfill this service role. Highly desirable is an understanding of the current Policy and Procedures of the ARSC, and to have served on either the ARSC Policy Subcommittee or an Area Policy Subcommittee.                                 

**This is not a funded position to attend ARSC 

Clean time requirement – 2 years 

If you are interested in nominating for this position, please fill in an election nomination form and send it to secretary@na.org.au