New NA Today March 2020: Service

We are all looking to find ways to keep busy inside at the moment. So, kick back and get your spiritual fill with the latest offering from NA Today about service!                                                                           This issue is all about service in NA. We have contributions from members who have served NA at many different levels and in many different capacities. My personal favourite is the article by Janet P, who I had the pleasure to serve with at region, talking about her experience doing service in NA as treasurer. I have an article from a friend of mine, Lucy, about what service in NA has done for her recovery. Plus my own contribution about doing service, and the way it has benefited my recovery. Plus much, much more about service on all different levels.

These are difficult times, and included in this issue is the announcement from region about the COVID – 19 Pandemic and how it affects our fellowship. There is also a flyer directing you to some of the online services offered by NA. I suggest, however, if you want really good information about these things then you look back over the past blogs here, and have a search around the website here as our IT subcommittee has been working really hard to provide any assistance you might need in navigating the online recovery world.

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