Acronyms often found in our literature and reports (under constant review)

ACNC Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission
AD Alternate Delegate 
APF Asia Pacific Forum 
APT Area Planning Tool 
ARSC Australian Regional Service Committee 
ASC Area Service Committee 
BMLT Basic Meetings List Toolbox
BT Basic Text
CAC Convention & Activities Committee 
CAR Conference Agenda Report
CAT Conference Approval Track
ESO European Service Office
FD Fellowship Development 
FIPT Fellowship Intellectual Property Trust 
FSO Fellowship Service Office
G&G Green and Gold Book
GSF Group Support Forum
GSFD Group Support Forum Delegate
GSR Group Service Representative
GTLS Guide to Local Services in NA 
GTWS Guide to World Services in NA 
H&I Hospitals and Institutions  
HRP Human Resource Panel
HTML Hyper Text Markup Language
IDT Issue Discussion Topics
IP Informational Pamphlet 
IT Information Technology
JFT Just for Today
LIW Legal Incorporation Workgroup
LSB Local Service Board 
LSC Local Service Conference
LWB Little White Book
MoU Memorandum of Understanding 
NAWS Narcotics Anonymous World Services
OFD Outreach Fellowship Development
PDs Position Descriptions
P&P Policy and Procedures
PI Public Information 
PH Phoneline
PO Public Officer
PR Public Relations 
PRHB Public Relations Handbook 
RBZ Region-Board-Zone
RCM Regional Committee Member 
RD Regional Delegate
RSBoA Regional Service Body of Australia (incorporated)
RSC Regional Service Committee 
RSO Regional Service Office
SER Southeast Recovery
SP Service Pamphlet
SP Strategic Planning
SPAD Spiritual Principle a Day Book
SSP Service System Project
SWG Step Working Guide
WB World Board 
WCNA World Convention of NA 
WSC World Service Conference
WSO World Service Office (NAWS headquarters) 
ZF Zonal Forum