Guidelines for Distribution of Posters for NA Australia

These notes are taken from the NA Public Relations Handbook 2007 and the NA “A Guide to Public Information” manual 1991, all approved NA literature.

Why Public Relations is important to the NA member:

The Narcotics Anonymous message is “that an addict, any addict, can stop using drugs, lose the desire to use and find a new way to live”. Our relations with the public enable us to share this  message broadly so that those who might benefit from our program of recovery can find us. We perform public relations service to increase the awareness and credibility of the NA program. We share our message openly with the public at large, with prospective members, and with professionals.

Distribution tips

  • Hanging posters is usually a team effort. Wherever possible two trusted servants work together, and this is an opportunity for a newer member to be paired up with an experienced member.
  • It will be helpful to plan for any follow-up actions that the committee will take, such as mailings of information packets to professionals and community organisations.
  • Refrain from placing posters on public telephones, rubbish bins, trees, public restrooms etc. Many communities have ordinances concerning this type of activity.
  • Ask permission when necessary.
  • Remember that, though you are not a representative of NA, you are being seen as an NA member. Conduct yourself accordingly.


  • Go alone to post bulletins – there is less possibility of tradition violations when two or more members are present.
  • Act as a spokesperson for NA as a whole.
  • Antagonise those whose ideas of addiction differ from those of NA.
  • Take contributions from outside sources.
  • Refer to any agency or other fellowship.
  • State an opinion or take a stand on any controversial or public issue.

Suggested signage placement

  • Police stations/courthouses
  • Stores (grocery, pharmacy)
  • Health clinics, hospital emergency rooms
  • Welfare offices
  • Colleges/schools
  • Churches & places of worship
  • Laundromats
  • Libraries & post offices
  • Factories
  • Youth facilities (YMCA, boys & girls clubs)

For more information please refer people or organisations to (Public Relations Enquiry – ).

Thank you for your service to NA.

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